Bethesda Have Showcased RAGE 2 With A Bizarre Performance

Bethesda wasted no time in jumping into their games with their annual showcase, with the first game to be displayed being RAGE 2. Beginning the conference on a kind of weird note, Bethesda brought out Andrew WK to play the song from the reveal trailer live. As the auditorium was filled with bright purple lights, my soul was filled with a dark nebulous void.

Following the performance, iD Software and Avalanche Software heads came out to talk about the game, waste a little bit of time talking about nothing and then show off some brand new footage from the game, in a mission that takes place in the Eden Space Port.

Before that the footage briefly ran through some key features of the game. First off, anything you could see in RAGE 2, you could drive and that the open world is seamless, suggesting no load times. A wide variety of enemies were on display in the vision too.

RAGE 2 is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime between March and May in 2019.