Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teases Return Of Jade, Introduces hitRECord Partnership

Ubisoft kicked things off with style with a bonkers trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, which is still in development at Ubisoft Montpellier.

The trailer introduces us to the game’s sublime cast one-by-one before their ship is set upon by an enormous threat. Fans will, of course, recognise a young Jade as the game’s apparent big bad which is certainly a stunning twist.

The team were then able to show a glimpse at pre-alpha gameplay which looks incredible, showing off the enormous scale of the game’s open, seamless universe. The Space Monkey Program was also introduced, which is a system put in place to allow gamers to contribute their own art, music and other content to the game itself. This program has been put in place in conjunction with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Hit Record program which encourages creativity in artists at a collaborative level worldwide. People can find out more about said program at

It’s a wonderful idea that only adds another layer to what is an already impressive project coming out of Ubisoft.

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