Mario And The Gang Are Bringing A Super Mario Party To Nintendo Switch

It’s a franchise we’ve known and love and one many have grown up with on Nintendo 64 and beyond, but Nintendo today confirmed during their E3 2018 Nintendo Direct that Mario Party would be making its way to the Switch.

It’s called Super Mario Party, and it’s inspired by the original Mario Party board game style and features new mini-games and play styles that make use of the unique functionality of the Joy-Con controllers. You know what that means, it’s a new game! Not a port!

While the premise remains the same – you’ll race around a board to collect Stars, the game also introduces dice that are specific to each character, adding a bit of depth and strategy to who you pick each round.

Rather surprisingly (and a little bit weird, if I might add) is the Toad’s Rec Room mode, which lets two Nintendo Switch consoles with a copy of the game each play side by side in a way that the Switch has never really been utilised before. It basically expands the playing field of select mini-games which is a cool idea.Super Mario Party launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 5th later this year. Australian release details are on the way, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know.