All Of Bethesda’s Announcements From E3 2019

Bethesda has just wrapped up their E3 2019 presentation where they announced… Here’s everything they spoke about.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

An update drops sometime today including new dragon questlines, new jewellery and new arena battles. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch, for free in Fall 2019 (that’s our Spring).

It’s cross play and cross progression between mobile and Switch too. Way to go Bethesda.

Fallout 76

The controversial Fallout 76 – which Bethesda acknowledged was problematic – is receiving some major updates. One update, Wastelanders, is adding human NPCs and questlines, features the game weirdly lacked prior to now. It will be a free update.

There will be a free trial for Fallout 76 for the week starting tomorrow.

A new game mode is being added, Nuclear Winter, a 52-player Fallout Battle Royale. That’s a gameplay trailer above. Wow.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

This is a new action-adventure game from the Japanese studio, Tango Gameworks, fighting paranormal activities plaguing the city. The creative director came out to the stage to show a trailer.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Dragons are coming to ESO and to celebrate, Bethesda premiered a glitzy cinematic trailer. It’s all part of a new wave of story content called Dragonhold.

In the meantime, there’s some more dungeon DLC coming called Scalebreaker, which is an equally cool title.

Commander Keen

Zenimax Online announced they were working on a number of titles in addition to Elder Scrolls Online, including a Commander Keen mobile game coming to iOS and Android.

Elder Scrolls Legends

The mobile card game is getting some new content with the Moons of Elsweyr update.

Rage 2

The recently released Avalanche game is getting some new content, including some cheats and a new expansion, Rise of the Ghosts.


Wolfenstein Youngblood got a new trailer and Cyberpilot, the already announced VR Wolfenstein project, got another mention.


Arkane made a surprise appearance (depending on who you ask I guess) to reveal a new first-person action game called Deathloop. It seems to focus on two characters seeking to kill each other.

Arkane promises mindbending gameplay and meticulous world design. It looks like it could have some really tripping gameplay mechanics. Sign me up!


Bethesda, having boasted their technical innovation, showed off some new streaming technologies that improve game engines so they can be played over an internet connection better, such as required by the likes of Google Stadia or XCloud. It’s meant to help reduce latency and makes streamed games “faster and better,” as well as reduce the cost for players and publishers.

Doom Eternal

A new trailer and more gameplay were shown off and – most importantly – a release date was given. The game will be out, November 22nd, a little later then we’d have liked but it will have a rad collector’s edition. If you’re lucky enough to be at E3, it’s playable on the show floor. Very jealous.

The new multiplayer mode, Battlemode, was also discussed and some footage shown.

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