Xbox Has Dropped Game Pass For PC While Adding Four New Games

Microsoft’s Sarah Bond, Head of Global Gaming Partnerships and Development, took to the stage to deliver a few details about the state of Xbox Game Pass as it begins to roll out for the PC.

With a library of over one hundred games, curated just for the PC, the service is in open beta right now. Some of the games coming to PC in the package include Imperator: Rome, Football Manager 2019 and Master Chief Collection.

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Bond also announced that for those who adopt the Game Pass Ultimate, which originally included Xbox Game Pass and Gold, will receive access to the PC Game Pass at no additional cost, which is a wonderful deal and only further reiterates the value of the service.

Photo: @Lbabinz.

It was also revealed during the brief segment that Batman: Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition and Borderlands: Handsome Collection would all be coming to the service for Xbox.