InFamous: Second Son, A Smokey Future!


The PlayStation 4 reveal event in February was where the world got their first taste of the future in gaming with Sucker Punch and their next entry into the InFamous series with the 2 minute reveal video of Second Son.

Sucker Punch has recently been very tight lipped about their exclusive, next generation, (rumoured) launch title until now. Where some light has been shed on the 3rd game in the InFamous franchise.

InFamous: Second Son will tell the tale of Delsin Rowe, a Native American, street graffitist with a chip on his shoulder. Like any 24 year old, he believes that he is destined for greatness although his opportunity for greatness has eluded him until now. Growing up just outside of Seattle (this is the first time a real city has been used in the InFamous series) which is now under the control of the D.U.P (Department of Unified Protection) who enforce the policing and protection of its citizens from “conduits” (those with super human attributes in their genetic code which can be exerted once triggered and unlocked) who are now labelled as Bio-terrorists.

Set seven years after the conclusion of Infamous 2’s good ending of Cole McGrath, where Cole saved the globe from a pending genocide from The Beast and rise of the conduits through activating a device called the RFI (Ray Field Inhibitor) which would kill all conduits across the globe and ending a plague killing humans without the conduit gene. Whilst Cole’s noble sacrifice for humanity may have been in vein. The world hasn’t forgotten the damage caused during InFamous 1 and 2 whilst the conduits further away from the RFI blast radius appear to have survived, forcing the governments hand in stopping any catastrophe happening again through the D.U.P.

Destiny comes crashing into Delsin’s life when he witnesses a horrific crash involving a D.U.P transportation bus and rushing to the rescue of the victims Delsin soon discovers he has the power to control and manipulate smoke. Did something in the crash trigger this power or did Delsin simply somehow copy someone else’s powers whom he came into contact with during this daring rescue? Sucker Punch have already stated “smoke will be the tip of the iceberg in regards to powers and abilities”. Making it that certain that Delsin can emulate other conduits powers he comes into contact with. Delsin showing signs of being a bio-terrorist is now under surveillance and wanted for arrest by the D.U.P but Delsin isn’t willing to go quietly.

The karma system which has played a vital part of the previous InFamous entries for progression in story and character development down a “good” or “evil” path will no doubt appear again in Second Son. Perhaps not as cut and dry as previous entries in terms of good or evil karma but tougher decisions will be made during game play. Only time will tell how decisions will be made and what effect they will cause for Delsin as an individual.

If karma does play a character changing role could his smoke powers vary based on his karma and moral stance? If he is of evil karma could his smoke be ash like and sooty? Delsin’s powers were shown off during the reveal trailer where he was able to transform into smoke for travel over short (and perhaps large) distances to gain an advantage in hand to hand combat, where he also was able to set alight to the chains around his wrist for more damage in melee (perhaps this is the equivalent of Cole’s amp?). His final and most brutal attack shown was where he summoned a fireball like grenade and hurled it into an armoured vehicle. Energy will need to be re-vitalised just like in previous games, however this time for example Delsin will have to find chimneys, vehicle wreckage’s and use tear gas canisters to recover his drained smoke abilities.

Cole was more of a brooding character, unsure about using his powers although Delsin seems to have no issue in flaunting his new found abilities and making aware to the D.U.P that he certainly is going to cause them grief. How does Delsin tie into the title “Second Son”? whilst no official confirmation has been given by Sucker Punch, one speculative rumour has arisen that Delsin is somehow related to Kessler (the main enemy of InFamous 1), we will have to wait for more to be revealed by Sucker Punch as the days count by, perhaps more information will be revealed at this year’s E3.

As a massive fan of the series I cannot wait to hear what else unfolds as I hang off every shred of information about this game! Stay posted to Press-Start for more information.