Press-Start’s Most Loved: Indie Games

Heading into the next generation of gaming, the team at Press-Start are going to take a moment and reflect on some of the greats of gaming past. Third issue up we’re taking a look at “Indie” games. An Independent game is a game that hasn’t received the financial backing of a publisher, for anyone needing a refresher. Throughout this generation of gaming in particular, the world has seen a boom in indie games receiving some much deserved recognition and even taking out numerous awards on a global gaming scale. Let us here at Press-Start reveal our top 3 indie games.

First up an honourable mention goes out to Assault Android Cactus, a game of absolutely gorgeous presentation and endless fun. Set to be arriving next year across multiple consoles. The team here has certainly got their keen eyes out for every piece of news they can find for it.

Now for our top 3 indie games:

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3. Hotline Miami – Dennation Games (2012)

Relieving the 1980s in all its 8-bit glory Dennation brought the world a game like no other where brutal killing sprees and an excellent modern take on 80’s music grab you by the heart and reels you in. You cannot help but to be drawn in by this charming yet insane and gory game. You just feel like you cannot get enough of it! A story line and gameplay that resembles an acid trip associated with the era, both are incredibly addictive and twisted that just will not let you go. Hotline Miami is incredibly deserving of its position on this chart and we cannot wait for its sequel.


2. Limbo – Playdead (2010)

Awakening on the edge of hell you are tasked with finding your sister across a world that gives new meaning to the word “eerie”. Using beautifully artistic features to portray the world of Limbo which includes a black and white theme that uses amazing lighting techniques to illuminate the various but always present dangers of this world.  Limbo contains a soundtrack that takes the atmosphere from eerie to flirting with horror. Developers Playdead called their style to this as “Trial and Death” no other description could have driven the point home further. You are sure to encounter many jumps of fright from hidden traps as you traverse this land. Limbo is just another great example of how gaming is developing into and art form and couldn’t be a better entry on this list.

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1. Journey – Thatgamecompany (2012)

The tale of this nameless nomad is absolutely brilliant. Beginning in a vast desert with only a mountain in front of you, with no guidance or instruction it is clear what you must do. Roughly taking around 2 hours for completion this game arrives to you in the length of a feature film and it smacks the player right on the chin in sheer awe of its artistic beauty. Journey’s various wonderfully detailed environments spanning deserts, temples, underground caverns and of course mountains are fantastic, they are so diverse and so gripping players find it difficult not to bask in their beauty. Emotionally gripping is a perfect description for its sound track and everything forms together so gracefully in a truly inspiring game that leaves you reflecting on this experience for hours after you have sat your controller down.  Thatgamecompany have absolutely created a masterpiece with this game. Journey will no doubt stand the test of time, not only for this list but for all of gaming.

There you go! Press-Starts top 3 Indie titles. What did you think? Did your game make the list? We would love to hear from you in the comments below and be sure to stick with us here at Press-Start as we bring you even more of our favourite gaming memories and experiences in the weeks leading up to the next generation of gaming consoles.