8 Game Series That We’d Like To See Ported To Current Gen

HD remakes and ports have been a huge thing in the past few years.

On the dawn of a new generation, they seem to be bigger than ever. They allow gamers who may have missed out on these games previously to take full advantage of their new systems and experience the gaming opportunity they previously missed out on. At worst, these ports can be a cheap shot to gamer’s wallets and thin the chances for completely new games. They may be necessary to create funds, if in fact these funds were for new games development then it may become a little more bearable to the players.

The team at Press Start have gathered together to create a list of what series and games we’d like to see remade on the current generation.

Batman Arkham  –  Collectively distributing the world’s greatest superhero game series is a no-brainer, the games are already visually pleasing and it creates a strong pretense for Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight.

Uncharted  – The Uncharted series is already visually superior to a lot of game and has action set pieces that gamers new to the PlayStation consoles have obviously missed as well as giving veterans of the series a chance to experience them again. Also it could be a solid filler until the true new gen Uncharted.

Assassin’s Creed Series – The Assassin’s Creed series was at the forefront of expanding the potential of gaming during the early years of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Being such a strong series with vast historical depth and ever expanding gameplay it would only compliment the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

BioShock – Perhaps one of the greatest stories the video game medium has ever told. The graphics are already comparable to next gen quality and it would be an absolute treat to experience the enthralling power of these games again.

Infamous  – After the success of Infamous: Second Son, there is certainly an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and the Infamous train is still rolling. Second Son introduced a lot of new players to the series and it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle for a lesser established company to port the previous games to give newcomers their Infamous fix.

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Gears of War  – One of the greatest Xbox exclusives, featuring intense gameplay, great visuals and a captivating story of overcoming great odds, what is there that you wouldn’t want to play again?

Knights of the Old Republic Series – Two of the greatest RPGs made would be a great way to restore confidence to those who lost it during Bioware’s EA phase, and remind people that Obsidian are some of the best writers in gaming. Not only a HD remake but a brand new engine and refined gameplay mechanics would make that a purchase I would gladly pay full price for.

Spyro the Dragon  – I would love to see a HD remake of the original Spyro the Dragon Trilogy from the PlayStation days. I’ve mentioned Spyro quite often in these lists, and that’s because Spyro really is one of my favourite adventure games of all time.

The successor Spyro games after the original trilogy on the PSX never quite reached the polish and success that the original three did in my opinion, and don’t even get me started on Skylanders, because that thing is a completely different story, so I would really like to see them come back in full high-definition glory. At least for old time’s sake.

As you can see here, from our extensive list and team members input, there certainly is a desire for HD ports, whether it be for the player to revel in their favourite levels with enhanced graphical beauty or simply scratch that nostalgic itch that every gamer has.

Some HD remakes are obviously more likely in terms of the dollars they produce but in this economical day and age that’s totally justifiable. Unfortunately, team member Brodie doesn’t long for much, except the unlikely.

“The only game I want a HD remake of is Burnout 3, but that’ll never happen so to hell with all of them.”

What about you, what game or series’ would you like to see remade for the new generation of games? Let us know in the comments below.