Nine Things I Want From Sony At Gamescom

With Gamescom just around the corner, I sat down over the weekend and came up with some things that I would love to see revealed from Sony during their conference. You can watch Sony’s Gamescom press conference at 3:00am EST on Wednesday morning.

1. Sony to announce European plans for PS Now. With an open Beta for Sony’s game streaming system in full swing all over the United States and expected to launch very soon. I feel quite confident that the European sector of this streaming system will begin to show some signs of life with alphas and beta beginning next year.

2.  Sony was toting that they had found a much more cost effective way to produce their consoles. Taking this to their full advantage, I think Sony might add more bang for your buck. Rather than lowering the prices of their consoles and bundles, I feel they may add more value. Same price but get two controllers or an extra game. Something to that effect, maybe it will be a PS camera, time will tell.

3. Western release date for PS Vita TV. A pretty simple one, this micro console was mentioned to be released in the west at E3 earlier this year. I would think that Sony will reveal a release date and expand upon a few of its features for interested people.

4. Mortal Kombat X will reveal more fighters. After the early German release of Kano, Nether Realm probably had to rethink their presentation. So instead after some not so mysterious tweets from Ed Boon, I’m willing to bet that Cyrax and Sektor will be revealed at Gamescom. Unfortunately no release date will accompany the announcement.

5. Now that we all know Media Molecule isn’t working on the next Little Big Planet, I feel that it is a safe bet we will see what their next project is. I wouldn’t be half surprised if their project is used in conjunction with Project Morpheus. Something unique and beyond creative sounds about right for the respected developers.

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6. Insomniac will drop more information on their Ratchet and Clank reboot in anticipation for the film launching next year. Hoping to see a game play trailer and a trailer for the film if we are lucky.

7. A push for even more indie games, I couldn’t tell you what games exactly but expect to see a lot of wonderful indie games coming to Playstation. Aside from the already leaked/confirmed releases of Journey, Unfinished Swan and Until Dawn.

8. A new Vita game, something AAA to entice a few new buyers. Infamous on the handheld would nearly be a safe bet after a slip of the tongue from Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox hinted at the concept earlier this year.
Probably has the word “third” in it after the release of “SECOND Son” and the upcoming release of “FIRST Light”.

9. Rocksteady will announce an official release date for Arkham Knight, plus a collectors edition. It makes a bit of sense said as Rocksteady are European developers, makes sense to announce it at a European Expo right? It was rumored for a late February, the 24th I believe. However with Evolve being pushed back to Feb and The Order 1886 already there, February is filling up fast. I would be happy to grant Rocksteady an even later release to work wonders on their Arkham Knight title.

What would you like to see at Gamescom this week? Let us know in the comments below.