7 Things I Want From Batman: Arkham Knight

We all know Batman Arkham Knight isn’t too far off and whilst a lot of details haven’t been revealed yet, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my wish list for Rocksteady’s upcoming conclusion to their Arkham Trilogy. Keep in mind that spoilers for Arkham City are going to follow.

The Arkham games have been notorious for offering a multitude of pre-order bonuses. Offering gamers a various selection of Batsuits to wear in-game can make all the difference in swaying people to pre-order at JB Hi Fi or EB Games. Past games have included Batman Beyond, Batman: The Animated Series, Dark Knight Returns, Brightest Day and Batman Noel, just to name a few. I absolutely cannot wait to see these “Male Barbie Dolls” revealed, Rocksteady could fully utilise the power of the new generation and bring some of the most famous batsuits to a new depth of life. I am personally wishing for an Arkham Asylum Armoured Batsuit.

side kicks
There was a very short stint of Batman’s sidekicks in 2011’s Batman Arkham City. In the main campaign Robin the Tim Drake iteration (voiced by Troy Baker) aided Batman briefly before taking on a much larger role in the DLC Story Harley Quinn’s Revenge. Nightwing (Dick Grayson) featured solely in the challenge maps. Available to gamers as a singular purchase, I personally believe it was a chance for Rocksteady to get their feelers out there to see what the reception was for the former boy wonder.

Now that I have established their brief background, we can focus on their future. We already know that the odds are for Robin making another appearance thanks to Play Arts Kai displaying their Arkham Knight series at San Diego Comic Con this year. What his role could be is shrouded in mystery

Nightwing hasn’t been confirmed nor denied, but considering the task ahead of Batman in this final chapter it is more than likely he will require the assistance of someone other than Oracle. Who better to tackle a cross town dilemma than Batman first and most successful sidekick and crime fighting partner. As a Bat-fan these two are some characters I absolutely cannot wait to see

the joker
Rocksteady have said openly and repetitively that The Joker is dead, creating the power vacuum that causes the events of Arkham Knight. Personally I’m not phased either way. If Joker stays dead, he died in one of the most memorable scenes I can ever recall. If for some reason Rocksteady are pulling a fast one and he is alive, I am positively certain that they can work it that well into the story that it will leave players breathless (A la Batman Origins when Joker made his appearance, different developer but brilliant none the less).

I do wish however that he make an appearance in some shape or form. No doubt his death has destroyed some of Batman’s psyche, Joker is the ying to Batman’s yang after all. I would absolutely love some sort of Scarecrow induced horrific flashback segment involving the Clown Prince of Crime at the very least.

Will we see the Big Blue Boy Scout? Given his recent re-shuffle into the cinematic spotlight, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there is a small role to be had considering he is set to star in a film with Batman a year after Arkham Knight releases (Superman Vs Batman 2016).

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What it could be is anyones guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is something similar to Robin’s appearance in Arkham City. Batman could be down and struggling, overwhelmed with the dire situation that he is in. Super Man shows up and offers a hand, being the smug and confident person he is but knowing Batman’s thoughts of him and his sheer stubbornness, he would quickly and gruffly push him aside. (Slightly off topic but I would be quite confident betting that Rocksteady’s next game would be Superman based or at the least a form of Justice League)

No I am not talking the average tack on that accompanied Arkham Origins last year. Rocksteady have already expressed a desire to focus solely on the single player experience but why not add a little competitive edge to what they already have. Challenge maps (predator and combat) already have connectivity by comparing your scores against those around the world. I would love to see the same formula implemented into a type of time trial scheme with the Bat-mobile. You are already driving it to complete certain Riddler challenges why not see how your driving skills stack against other online Batmen?

During the course of Arkham City these two had great side missions that left some huge doors open for Rocksteady’s sequel. Firstly Azrael prophesied and I will paraphrase. “Dark days are coming”, Batman is the “warrior who will close the gates of hell” and from the “ashes of Arkham the fires will rage and Gotham will burn”. Pretty serious stuff isn’t it? Not likely something that Rocksteady could leave hanging in the breeze unanswered.

The other saw Thomas Elliot brutally craft himself a brand new face in the vain of Bruce Wayne. Elliot’s new crafted and applied mask was a mix and match of various “donors” to replicate to the T, Bruce Wayne’s face. Two very interesting plot twists that are screaming for closure, I can only hope we get some soon.

This one is more of a curiosity rather than a wish list but during the course of Arkham City, Talia mentioned to Bruce (Batman) about their one special night they had in Metropolis. For anyone who halfheartedly follows the Bat comics this is the night that Bruce’s son Damien was conceived. The comic go on to say that Batman was blissfully unaware of his child until being thrusted guardianship at a young age, 10 or so if memory serves.

Who knows there could be some twist that works Damien into be the Arkham Knight. Rocksteady would certainly be capable of it but for now I am more interested if that is the lore Rocksteady choose to follow.

That is what I would love to see in Batman’s next outing set to launch next year. What are your thoughts? do you agree with them? What Batsuits would you love to see? Do you know who the Arkham Knight is? Tell me below! Actually no! I want to keep that one a surprise.