Opinion: Should All PS4 Games Have Photo Mode?

Some of my Photo Mode shots are below. Please keep in mind I am not the most artistic man on the planet.

The “Share” feature of the PS4 has been one of the most heavily used and best social feature of the Playstation 4 hands down.

Twitter feeds and Facebook news feeds are being flooded with screen grabs and short snippets of video game play. Video streaming services Twitch and Ustream are non stop offering various PS4 feeds for interested viewers.

Only recently though was the picture grabbing side of things taken to the next level though Sucker Punch’s addition of “Photo Mode” to their title Infamous: Second Son.

Second Son was a graphic wonder (Our review is here) – the first true next gen experience in terms of presentation in my opinion. After a few weeks of strong sales and great reception, Sucker Punch announced Photo Modes inclusion in an upcoming update.

For those not familiar with Photo Mode. Rather than just simply take a screen grab of what you as a gamer view on screen. You can enhance your chosen moment to capture by means of manipulating the camera angles, locations and various effects. It is an artistic feature that has ignited the imagination of gamers and left viewers awed by the sheer beauty one can capture.

Recently Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Remastered (Review here)  followed suit incorporating the feature.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140803173934
There are millions more across the internet. So why not take full advantage of such a wonderful and highly used feature? I would love to see Sony implement this feature in all applicable games. Sure some third party developers may not like to take the extra time to develop the feature but Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed: Unity or The Crew would more than certainly have some wonderful views or moments to be captured. The same could also be said for Activision’s Destiny or Advanced Warfare – Although First person shooter games may have a bit more difficulty accommodating the feature

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But with some of the brilliant upcoming games exclusive to Sony such as Uncharted 4, Drive Club, Bloodborne, Deep Down and The Order just to name a few. There is a brilliant amount of potential for gamers to dive even deeper into this already loved feature. Exposing their most cherished moments in the games that they love,totally in their way through full manipulation and control of Photo Mode.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140809103317
I feel it would be a great inclusion not only for the above mentioned reasons but for also for strengthening the Playstation side of the gaming community. Contests have already been held for both Infamous: Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered, where the developers and the gaming community have chosen ‘cream of the crop’ captures to win various prizes. A small gesture but meaningful gesture.

What are your thoughts? Is a compulsory Photo Mode something you would like to see? Would you like to see third party developers get on board also? Please leave your comments below.