Opinion: Playstation Experience Hopes & Dreams

This weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Playstation will be holding the very first (and hopefully annual) Playstation Experience. An event which is dedicated for the players to gain an insight to the business through discussions and forums but also give those gamers a chance to go up close and personal with some of the freshest games for the company. Not to mention the ever wishful prayers that Sony will drop a bomb on a new game announcement.

I could go on and on about what the event entails but I will just give you the chance to check it out.

If you did take a brief minute to check out that page, you may have noticed that there were quite a few developers and games listed there. Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 and Ready at Dawns The Order: 1886 for example. What is interesting to note that a lot of other developers are mentioned to be there that haven’t revealed or announced any games to enter in the PS4 ecosystem yet. Sure they could just be there to show face and participate in the forums but I’m willing to bet a few of them are there to announce some new and wonderful things. Lets take a look at my bold predictions and what I am hoping to see from the event.

Guerrilla Games haven’t seen a release since the PS4’s launch one year ago, which isn’t a long time between drinks for developers but earlier in the year images surfaced that the company is working on a dystopian, futuristic, open world RPG. The image which you can see below shows a visually impressive mechanical robot fending off a tribe of what looks to be rugged cavemen and women with small arm weapons. This image and information was leaked earlier this year which may have forced the hand of Guerrilla Games for the reveal. Although there was the comment that the company had split into two for the development of Shadow Fall and this new mystery game code named “Horizon”.

Although  an updated port of Tearaway from the Vita to the PS4 has already been revealed, it’s hard to imagine that this is all Media Molecule have on their plate at the moment particularly after an exciting demonstration of the PS4 tech at the reveal of the PS4 back in February 2014.

I would be willing to bet that given their unique approach to interactivity Media Molecule are working on something directed more towards PS4’s Project Morpheus. What it is, I cannot say but I can guarantee it has the charm and charisma to pave their own individual and unique path. Which also leads me to my next point.

The phrase in the title “Hopes and Dreams” applies to this point the most. I am praying to find out some more solid information on this intriguing device. I would love to hear a release frame, most likely a bit before Uncharted or a bit after would be my educated guess. Price points and final specs would send the gaming universe into a craze. Along with the final decision to make the unit completely wireless and a handful of accompanying launch games would deal the knock out blows to this nerds and many more nerds dreams (and wallets).

After some unfortunate layoffs earlier this year, it’s about time Santa Monica reveal what they have been up too, sure they have aided other teams with the development of their games such as Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan and The Order. The assistance they offered wouldn’t be enough to absorb the entire resources of the company and I feel it is fair game that they are there to announce their new game for the PS4. Off the top of my head and after some brief research, I couldn’t find anything that could shift their direction in any particular way. I believe they would be insane not to continue their excellent God of War series that originated on the PS2. The third installment to the franchise left a remarkable cliff hanger for those who waited and if anyone is going to be capable of harnessing the PS4’s power it would be Santa Monica. Here’s to hoping.

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From all accounts Insomniac are nearly finished with their commitments to Microsoft for their new I.P Sunset Overdrive opening the door for them to solely focus on their reboot of the Ratchet and Clank series. Set to tie in with the film, it should hopefully be as engaging as its predecessors. Seeings as it is slated for a 2015 release its probably a fair bet there is going to be a solid piece of game play shown soon if not at the event.

sucker punch
I would love to see something from Sucker Punch but this soon after Infamous: Second Son and its additional DLC Infamous: First Light. I feel it would be much too soon considering that these guys have always been a one game at a time sort of company.

naught dog
Obviously Naughty Dog are going to have a presence there with Uncharted 4, I am confidently going to say we will see some gameplay and maybe even participants of the event will be fortunate enough to grab a brief hands on. Aside from that, I’m not feeling too confident in saying we will see a Last of Us 2 or Jak 4 from the other half of the team at ND but I have a sneaking suspicion that seeings as this year was remakes and re-releases an Uncharted HD collection of the original 3 games would fit into place perfectly before Uncharted 4 launches.

The Rest
There are a number of other developing companies that I haven’t mentioned during this article and that is perfectly fine. Sony can’t and shouldn’t reveal all of their cards at one time should they. Companies such as Guerrilla Games Cambridge, which I think is safe to say they are continuing on with Killzone. Sony Bend, which are rumored to be working on reviving an old franchise (let your nostalgic imagination run wild on that one). Even Sony Japan are undoubtedly working on something extra aside from Bloodborne.

Rumors, speculation and dreams galore there but please don’t forget that this event for those luckily enough to attend are there to get a glimpse of what is in the pipeline for Playstation. Until Dawn, Mortal Kombat X, No Man’s Sky and Batman: Arkham Knight just to name a brief few are already confirmed and even just some more information on those titles would be gift enough. Keep your eyes and ears peeled from us for news on this event and for even more potential reveals from the Video Game Awards that airs this weekend also!

What news are you hanging on the edge of your seat for? Please let us know in the comments below.