Games Of 2015: Xbox Exclusives

2014 was a big year for Xbox with some great exclusives releasing on the Xbox One. Fast forward to 2015 and we’re facing the prospect of a ton of new popular Microsoft franchises and developers making their debut on the Xbox One. It’s set to be a big year.

CRACKDOWNCrackdown on the Xbox 360 was one of the first open-world experiences to wow gamers. A third entry into the series was announced at E3 2014 as an Xbox One exclusive. The biggest part of information so far is that every part of the city is expected to be destructible which is one of the highlights of a brand cloud based engine. It has also been noted that the game is set in the same universe from the first game.

FABLEFable Legends is based around five characters featuring four heroes and a villain. The premise of the game is that all five players roles will be filled by either online players or a mix of people and AI. The game is extremely teamwork focused and will require all 5 roles in order to get through each level. Like all other Fable games, you’ll be able to upgrade your character with weapons, armour and a number of abilities.

HALO5Halo 5 will continue the Reclaimer story of the Halo franchise. It will use an entirely new engine and push the franchise in a completely new direction. The story follows a similar premise where the colony worlds are attack and humanity’s greatest hero goes missing. Spartan Locke’s job is to hunt down the Master Chief in order to save the day and bring justice back to the galaxy.

Ori and the Blind Forest has had gamers excitement since it’s announcement. You take control of Ori, a white guardian spirit. Ori’s mother is taken from him, forcing Ori to venture out into the forest in order to find her. Ori & The Blind Forest is being developed by Moon Studios. Interestingly, one of the lead members working on the game is Thomas Mahler who is bent known for his work at Blizzard Entertainment. The development for Ori & The Blind Forest is incredibly fascinating as developers are set all around the world.

QUANTUMBREAKQuantum Break is the latest game to be released by Remedy Entertainment. The game will feature live-action videos blended in with regular gameplay. The game will be played fem a cover-based third-person perspective and will have a heavy focus on time and object manipulation. The game is set around the fictional North Eastern U.S Riverport University where a time travel experiment has gone wrong.

RISEThe first trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider was shown at Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference however there was no mention of it being an exclusive. Fast forward a few months to Gamescom where it was confirmed to be a Microsoft exclusive. Not a whole lot is known about game yet except from the fact that Camilla Luddington will be reprising her role as Lara. It’ll be interesting to see how this shapes up as it will be going head to head with Sony exclusive Uncharted 4.

Originally realised on the Xbox in 2005, Phantom Dust was a cult favourite that blended together strategy, action with cards. Microsoft announced at E3 2014 that it would be reviving classic Xbox title Phantom Dust. Not too many details have been released about the release yet however Microsoft described the project as being “a reimagined version of the beloved classic with all-new gameplay and graphics”

Microsoft announced a game for their Japanese audience at TGS last year. Raiden V, the extremely popular arcade shooter will see a new release on the xbox One. The original Raiden was released in 1990 and is a vertically scrolling arcade shooter. You might’ve played Raiden 4 on either Xbox 360 or PS3 when it released last year.

Scalebound is the latest game by the extremely talented Platinum Games. Not a whole lot is known about Scalebound outside of the debut trailer however Microsoft described Scalebound as the latest game from Hideki Kimiya. Scalebound is said to transport you to a distant, hostile world where you’ll come face to face with fearsome creatures. The debut trailer looked incredibly interesting and you can bet your money on this being one of most incredible experiences to come to Xbox One to date.