Why We Should Pay More Attention To The Xbox One

First impressions are universally considered to be of utmost importance the world over. Whether it be at a job interview, in the club trying to impress someone particularly attractive or during an E3 press conference unveiling a new gaming console, the significance of first impressions in translating to a long-lasting, positive relationship cannot be understated.

Sadly, the Xbox One did not set off on the right foot; it’s first impressions were marred by controversy surrounding its rather consumer-unfriendly approach to digital rights management – making it difficult to share or trade games – and its requirement to be constantly connected to an internet connection.

At the time – as a diehard PlayStation fan – it was glorious. We laughed as Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes jabbed Microsoft hard in the guts with this satirical instructional video on how to share games on the PS4. Having emerged from the mighty shadow cast by the incredibly successful Xbox 360 console, Sony were finally making the right calls as Microsoft continued to make mistakes.

To Microsoft’s credit however, they turned it all around.

Lead by new boss Phil Spencer, the Xbox One has chugged along beautifully behind the PlayStation 4’s rampant success. Whilst we don’t know exact figures, it’s fair to speculate the PS4 has the dominant share of the market, but the Xbox One is hardly bombing. It’s been the highest selling console on some occasional months and, to a degree, is outpacing the Xbox 360.

They’ve consistently listened to community feedback and made changes at far greater pace than PlayStation has mustered as of late. Let us change our PSN names Shuhei! Meanwhile, Xbox reversed all their controversial features, introduced backwards compatibility and published a solid-value-for-money Rare package.
Sunset Overdrive
Arguably, their exclusive line-up has been more impressive. Securing Rise of the Tomb Raider was a big get. Though the game went over the heads of most players, it’s quality cannot be understated; it was absolutely a worthy receipt of our Overall Game of the Year Award for 2015. Similarly, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5: Guardians, Cuphead and Quantum Break – to name a few – are games that are likely to be dearly missed by PlayStation fans.

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I’m not seeking to throw fuel onto the fire of any fanboy war. I’m not trying to say I’ve been converted away from PlayStation where my allegiances have lied for so long. I’m not trying to say one it better than the other.
I’m simply trying to give the Xbox One credit where it is due and ensure gamers do not overlook the Xbox One and the experiences available this system.
Let us not forget the importance of competition in the video game competition. Competition promotes innovation that mostly benefits the consumer, us the gamers.

What should Microsoft do to at least keep up with the PlayStation 4? Exactly what their doing. Listen to the gamers, they’re a tight-knit community most days and repay respect with loyalty.

Achieving this ought to usher in another golden era of gaming during which competition promotes innovation and diversity in our industry.