Games Releasing This Week


Platforms: PS4
Release Date: Tuesday May 17th.

Originally releasing on 2008 for the PS3, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is being released exclusively for the PS4. The game is set in fictional Europe, which is loosely based on Europe in the early years of World War II. It’s a tactical role-playing game in which you use a unique turn-based battle system called BLiTZ. It was incredibly well received with a Metacritic of over 85%.


Platforms: PS4
Release Date: Tuesday May 17th

Shadow of the Beast is a side-scrolling game being published Sony. It is a reimagining of the game that released with the same name in 1989. It combines platforming and combat elements and is based on executing stylish combos. It’s definitely one that has crept under the radar. Our review will be live this week.


Platforms: PS4/PC
Release Date: Tuesday May 17th

Shadwen comes to us from Frozenbyte, the developers of the well-known series Trine. It is a stealth-action game and a brand new original IP. Not much is known about the game, but we’ll have our review live on the site this week.


Platforms: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Release Date: Friday May 20th

Homefront: The revolution is the sequel to 2011’s Homefront. It is an open-world first person shooter being developed by Dambuster Studios. It takes place in 2029 in an alternative timeline, following the protagonist Ethan Brady as he plans to stage a movement against the army of North Korea. It’s definitely a game that has a lot of hype based on it’s controversial story alone.


Platforms: 3DS
Release Date: Saturday May 21st

Fire Emblem Fates oddly released in North America in January, but it’s finally hitting our shores this week. It is the fourteenth main game in the series and will be released in three versions with each one following a different storyline centred around the same characters. It’s an incredibly interesting concept and an ambitious one by Nintendo.