The Pokemon GO Plus Device Will Change The Way You Play

Whilst the whole of Australia is being swept away with Pokemon GO, many of you probably don’t know that Nintendo plan on releasing a device that will alleviate a lot of the initial concerns with the game. Whilst it’s set for release in late July, Australian pricing and release details aren’t yet clear. It’ll most likely coming in at somewhere between $40-$50AUD. The one thing that is clear is that it will play a massive part in how you play the game, which I’ve tried to detail below.


The Pokemon GO Plus is a small device that lets you enjoy Pokemon GO whilst on the run. It allows you to enjoy the full experience of the game without having to keep the smartphone application open. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth low energy will allow notify you about important happenings using LED and vibration. With the number one concern about Pokemon GO being battery drainage, this device is set to alleviate that hugely. Pokemon1


Whenever you’re near a PokeStop, the Pokemon GO Plus will immediately start to blink and vibrate to let you know that you’re close. You’ll be able to press the Pokemon GO Plus button without touching your smartphone to instantly search the PokeStop for items.


When you’re close to a Pokemon, the light on the Pokemon GO Plus will begin to flash and start vibrating. Once you’re close to a Pokemon, you’ll be able to press the button to throw a Poke Ball. You’ll only be able to catch a Pokemon using the device (and not your smartphone) when you’ve caught this Pokemon before. When successful, the device will flash and vibrate to let you know that you were successful. Pokemon2

  1. The fact they haven’t added a screen lock sync is pretty atrocious.

    The main games such as clash royale buzz you when updates appear.

  2. can I just connect it to my smartphone, and if I just hang around with out any wifi or 4g connection does it still work like catching pokemon without wifi and 4g connection on my phone?

    1. i believe the writer stated and it’s popular opinion that the connection will be via bluetooth low energy which i assume is a lower battery draining alternative to standard bluetooth. But i love this! the idea is amazing because yes as the writer stated when i’m out and about playing pokemon go my biggest issue is the battery life on my phone and from my experience pokemon go absolutely shreds through battery life. Even if it is 40$ with coming updates in the works (hopefully) i’m definately gonna get a pokemon go plus!

      1. I believe that you’ll still need connection on your phone. It’ll require your phone to communicate, it just won’t use as much battery as the game won’t be running in the forefront.

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