The Weird and Wonderful Creatures Of No Man’s Sky

With No Man’s Sky being out for the better part of 48 hours, Reddit is absolutely ripe with weird and wonderful creatures that players have already discovered in No Man’s Sky. It’s clear that the world that Hello Games has created knows absolutely no bounds when chucking limbs together.

These are the the best ones that I’ve come across so far.

‘Mcfuque’ found this beautiful thing.

‘Wootai’ found this terrifying, walking Pineapple.

Ramsay101′ found this wonderful bird looking dinosaur.NChqYCimKUun-pT4aPIf7vUO9XgYKni_xBHQxA4VnlU

‘Wint3r’ found JarJarBinks crossed with an Emu.ageh3J8-2

‘DrWafers’ found this dog with an incredibly suspicious object on his head.445756a848ed4cc1b871a367d6c96db7

‘Octopusslayey’ found this amazing looking slug-like thing.QwmyrCMDzigbZ9GeNKgppZ-650-80

‘Vvintaa’ found something that doesn’t really look like anything, but is the best creature that I’ve seen yet.G6oypdxApfCHaaLnhhCz3k-650-80-3