This Is Exactly How PS4 Pro Can Enhance Your Gaming Experience

After the announcement of today’s PlayStation 4 Pro, people still seem to be confused about exactly why they should care about the brand new console. It’s important to remember that whilst the Xbox One S does have 4K capability, it’s primarily being used for its multimedia functionality. When it comes to gaming, it can only upscale content to 4K with no enhanced visual functionality (HDR aside). This is due to the fact that the internals of the Xbox One S are exactly the same of the Xbox One. This is where the PlayStation 4 Pro differs.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a more powerful PS4 with native 4k support. This is due to the below:

  • An Overclocked CPU
  • A New AMD Polaris GPU
  • The Same amount of RAM
  • Higher memory bandwidth

Whilst some simplistic games such as Journey or Resogun could potentially render games at fully native 4K, it’s not likely for the majority of titles.

Reddit User Mista_Wong has put together the below guide, which easily defines exactly what benefits you’re going to get from the PS4 Pro depending on what hardware setup you have.

If you have a 4K display

  • You will be able to play games in Sony’s Upscaled 4K AKA differing a resolution  between 1080p and 4K
  • You will be able to play games in resolutions lower than 4K too.
  • Games could use it to deliver higher framerates or better graphical fidelity
  • You will be able to watch 4K films and TV shows on streaming services

If you have a 1080p display (or lower)

  • You will not be able to play games in any resolution higher than 1080p. But games will be able to super sample and deliver a cleaner image
  • Games may also have better graphics or better frame rates


    • The PS4 Pro is more powerful and supports 4K output
    • Improvements to RemotePlay, SharePlay and streaming functionality
    • Every game will work on the PS4 Pro and standard PS4
    • You do not need a new TV to take advantage of the new console, but you do need a new TV to take fulladvantage of the new console.
    • The power can be used however the developer wants but Sony hopes they use it for higher resolutions

The PlayStation 4 Pro will release on November 10th for $549 AUD.


        1. Did you? Do you even understand English? Can you form normal sentences?

          For one I never claimed the PS4 Pro does native 4k for ALL games, you are the one claiming that the Pro only upscales to 4k from 1080p which I’ve been trying to convince you of that it’s not true.

          And this video does just that, at 1:32 he says “What we’re seeing is the next best thing though, a two times increase in pixel count over 1080p which is then reconstructed using Sony’s patented checkerboard method” which proves YOU wrong buddy. TWO TIMES THE PIXEL COUNT OF 1080P

          It’s funny tho, you keep calling other people dumb while apparently you can’t even understand English properly.

  1. Wake me up when this thing does 1080p/60fps for a majority of games. I don’t care for 4K, but I’d like to know when the PS4 stops running games like shit.

    1. Every game is required to run at 1080P on the PS Pro. If devs choose to use the power that way the console will have 0 issue with 1080P/60 but most games are going to be 1440P (2K)

  2. Can’t wait.
    Looking forward to playing final fantasy 15 on the ps4 pro because let be honest it looks like the xbone/ps4 version are having frame rate issues.

  3. 1080p HDR? is sony hinting at something? 4k pc monitors lack hdr and 4k hdtv’s are not even fully hdr capable.

    1. Some aren’t, you’re right. This is why Digital Foundry was saying to make sure you pick up the right 4K UHDTV that supports HDR, cause not all of them do right now.

      1. they need to make a better list… or better monitors need to be made because the only hdtvs that supported full hdr with low input lag were thousands of dollars and i will not spend that much money to make a $400 console look a little better. even pc monitors are incredibly disappointing right now its all gsync this and freesync that. sell your soul for two crappy techs with no hdr and outdated hdmi. i dont know why that bothers me so much, maybe cause i play on monitors but im not spending $1500 on a 27 inch monitor that doesn’t support hdr and only supports 30hz over hdmi. ideally i would like a 1080p hdr monitor and 60fps but i feel i will be entirely unserved. the compromise being 4k without hdr pc monitor or half hdr and high input lag hdtv both of which may cost you well over $1k. the whole situation is bizarre and disappointing.

        worse is how will the extra power of ps4 pro be used for standard 1080p, tomb raider is going to have two 1080p modes, enhanced or higher fps, what the hell does enhanced even mean exactly? is that hdr or crappy shadows like last of us remaster? i dunno, and i still wonder if they bothered to upgrade the internal storage interface for pro, sata 2 is a terrible bottleneck.

      1. Are you calling Orko a retard or referring to the OG PS4 as PS4 “retard edition”? haha. If it’s the latter that definitely isn’t PC :’)

    1. it really urks me when people say shit like this just keep using the old ps4 just don’t get mad when i get the new one .

    2. I identify with what you’re saying. Other responses I guess don’t get it.
      This gen has yet to master 1080/60 but they’re gonna just jump right on to 4k.
      It irks me as well

      1. I don’t exactly understand your point? The PS4 Pro is going to be a 1440P console upscaled to 4K. If you are upset with the current PS4 not being 4K then buy a PS Pro. Every game has to be 1080P or higher on the Pro…

  4. I really hope they focus on framerates rather than 4k ,[email protected] Supersampling should be the focus until Ps5 and Scorpio come out since those will actually display 4k native and not upscaled and by then even UHD TVs will be better and finding one with Great picture and lower input lag will be more easy mostlikely .Also dont forget that using HDR gives your UHD set higher input lag since a great UHD set have input lag in the range of 30 to 100+ miliseconds the use of HDR almost double the input lag in some UHD sets and using it will make your UHD TV consume make more energy.Your eletric bill will sure go up using HDR .

  5. You start this article by saying Xbox One S can ‘only upscale content to 4K’ and saying this is where the PS4 Pro differs. But then you go onto admit that the PS4 Pro cannot do native 4K games, and is just upscaling to 4K.

    You also say the Xbox One S uses 4K primarily for media playback – which is incorrect as every game upscales to 4K like the PS4 Pro.

    It seems you’re trying too hard to make PS4 Pro sound like an exciting proposition when most people have already agreed it’s quite underwhelming.

    1. Umm no. The difference is that PS4 Pro CAN do native 4K. It obviously depends on the game, but it can do it. Xbox One S can’t and won’t. It’s simply upscaling which most 4K tvs do.

      1. Not a single PS4 Pro game is running natively at 4K. Sony admitted that, their top developers are admitting that.

        I’m now learning that this website is run by fanboys, that’s quite disappointing.

      2. only on 5 year old game and cant do native on modern your standard my pc cane run super mario on a n emulator in 4k and its a 4k pc.i thought a mod would be smarter then that,

        plus buy your thoughts the ps1 can run mario kart in 4k so its a 4k console…do be that dumb.can i could care less if you ban me.

    2. Horizon: Zero Dawn currently upscales to 4k from 1800p, Mass Effect: Andromeda upscales from 1440p, The Last Of Us can run native 4K at 30fps.

      Xbox One S games will upscale most games from 720p to 4k. See the difference…Not to worry. You will come November 10

      1. There are roughly 5 Xbox One games that run at 720 – and those were launched in 2013 and 2014 (and I should point out that 3 of those also run at 720 on PS4 – Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and one of the Battlefield games).

        Probably best to research before spouting nonsense like you’re an authority on anything.

        The fact remains that the PS4 Pro is being touted as a 4K machine yet every single game is running upscaled to reach 4K because it can’t handle it. It’s being misrepresented, missold and is misleading customers.

        But it’s cool, cause Sony are allowed.

          1. Actually no, but they are close, having uncharted 4, infamous second son, bloodborn, and hopefully god of war becomes great sgain, they really messed up 3 and ascentin, 1 & 2 where superb, lost my hope with grand turismo. Sony has a solid lineup, But Compared to mario 3d world, donkey kong country tropical freeze, yoshis woolly world, mario maker, mario kart 8, splatoon, bayoneta 2, pikmin 3 xenoblade chronicles x, and breath of the wild in the future, though the wiiu is obviously dead and zelda will be its swan song, ps4 still has life and hopefully they will bring tons of great games. Btw the games I mention all have high scores on metacritic, so its less subjective.

          1. I said 1st party, of course a console that sold 10 times more can have more exclusives, and it is amazing that nintendo even supported their system that much, with those abysmasl sales, they shouldnt even focus on a wiiu release of BotW, but thankfully for the few WiiU owners they will. I myself always buy all consoles from the big 3 on release date, so I will get the NX version of BotW.

          2. Wii U is not a bad system for exclusives. I just find it a bit ‘selective’ to single out 1st party. Bloodborne for example is 2nd party, and would be no less important than any other game. Etc.

          3. Yeah, boyaneta would fall on the same category. I’m just pointing out Nintendo’s greatest asset, their IPs. Of course this gen ps4 will eventually beat wiiU in all terms, hopefully NX is not an underpowered console, would really love to see mario galaxy 3 in 4k.

    1. Scorpio and NX are jokes cus of their games for sure, but PS4 once again sits on the throne. Twice on the same generation.

      1. Lol!! No. Forza Horizon 3 is will be best racing game this generation so far. Sea of Thieves is brilliant. Scalebound and Crackdown 3 look to be great games as well. Gear 4 is a must own. We don’t know what new games the Scorpio will be playing as they are still in development.

        1. Nope, I think the name ‘PS4 Pro’ is perfect. The drive is a small letdown, but let’s just remember this is a games machine.

        2. Belated–great price for a powerful console, stupid, stupid name, in light of both the Playstation Portable, and every actual device that uses the name “Pro” correctly.

          The UHD thing is a bummer, seeing how UHD’s are doing substantially better than the original BR medium was in the same date in its lifespan, but 9 months ago that wasn’t as obvious.

          1. Belated:: Well I did trade in my PS4 for a pro and only had to pay $200. IT COMPLETELY fixed my issues that I had with the Samsung K8000, such a great setup so happy with both! Ok on to to days news: Kinda thought XBX (Bad Name) would go $449. If they locked down Metro, Anthum, and especially Battlegrounds as exclusives and just not just for limited time. That would have been amazing reboot for XBox. Just the same seems like a lot is coming to Xbox. For me I double downed on The Pro and PSVR and given my time and backlog now I think I’m done with purchasing anymore systems. Still would have liked to see a 4K BR Drive, but Alien the movie isn’t even out yet in 4K so I really don’t give a shit if the PS4 Pro does not have one till then. And onto Sony’s E3 conference, Kaza!

    2. I don’t think so, but it’s definitely missing some key features. I’m not replacing my original PS4 for it right now though. I can wait until next year after I get a 4K UHDTV.

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