Four Reasons You Should Play Varian In Heroes Of The Storm

Multiclassing often gets saddled up with a pretty rough reputation. It’s often best to be the best at one thing than somewhat-good at two. However, if Varian is anything to go by, multi-class heroes are likely to be the way of the future for Heroes of The Storm. There are definitely some familiar mechanics here but the design pillars of Varian click together in a way that makes him a challenging but satisfying character to play.

Here are some reasons why:

Blocking is really fun

Even at its most basic form, Varian’s Parry ability can pretty much soak up anything enemies throw at you. In fact,  up until you unlock his ultimate ability, it’s pretty much the crux upon which Varian’s gameplay loop relies. If you watch your timing, you can easily wade in and out of early game combat and quickly wear down your opponents in a one on one duel. Parry proves just as important to Varian’s late-game combat, allowing him to consistently avoid taking damage from hostile abilities to stay in thick of the fight longer than almost any other melee fighter.

He’s Adaptable

Making the most of Varian’s ability to fundamentally change his role on the battlefield with his ultimate is pretty key to playing him well and getting the most out of his unique skillset. If you’re keeping ahead of your foes in experience, you’ll want to buff up Varian’s health with Taunt or damage with Collosus Smash, whereas if you’re falling behind in fights because you can’t pick off enemy assassins fast enough, you can boost up his attack speed with Twin Blades of Fury. Whateverbyou need, Varian’s customizability can cement your victory or lay the foundation for a comeback.

Life’s good when you’re a life-stealer

Most of the attack speed-powered characters on Heroes of the Storm‘s roster tend to be ranged ones. Varian sits as one of the few true melee fighters whose sustainability is driven by a combination of high-attack speed and heal-on-hit mechanics. Choosing the Second Wind talent at level 7 will allow Varian to heal himself for 1.17% of his max health per hit once his health drops below half. Throw in the attack speed bonus from Twin Blades ultimate and you’ve got a pretty lethal combination where Varian can charge in with Juggernaut and outlast pretty much anyone in a duel.

Then There’s The Taunt

Objectively speaking, there is no ability used against you in a MOBA that is more annoying or frustrating to be on the receiving end of than a taunt. How could it not be? It literally takes control of your character out of your hands. Varian’s taunt (bundled in with one of his ultimates) allows you to challenge an enemy within melee range and pull them out of formation into a more vulnerable spot. It’s the kind of ability that can make or break a solid engage when it comes to teamfights and definitely something to keep in mind next time your mouse hovers over Varian’s portrait in character select.