The Best Indie Game Of 2016



The indie scene was bigger than ever in 2016, with some stellar games releasing. None were more impactful than Firewatch. Ewan gave the game a 10 in his review and said: “Firewatch is truly something special. It tells a beautifully crafted, character-driven, engaging story with impeccable pacing. It’s deeply reflective and thought provoking, not only in the context of its characters and their situations, but in a broader context of player interaction with video games. It involves and engages players to greater affect than many of its predecessors in the experiential sub-genre, and does so with astonishing presentation.”

Steven said: “I played through Firewatch in a single sitting, and found the entire experience captivating. A story of two lonely people, out in the wilderness, told to the player through first person adventuring. Wonderful.”

Raymond said: “Firewatch is a compelling mystery underscored by gorgeous visuals, interesting characters and some of the most natural dialogue I’ve ever heard in a game. But it takes my pick for the unique way in that it explores relationships, solitude and the human condition.”


Firewatch took out the reader’s choice award too.

Michael Steinberg on Facebook said: “Too hard to choose, I’ve played through Firewatch 3 times though.. so Firewatch it is.

Joel Shearer on Facebook said: “Firewatch easy. It’s an amazing game and it looks beautiful”