SnipperClips Is Surprisingly Great (Nintendo Switch Hands-On Impressions)

Ewan and Shannon recently got to attend a Nintendo Switch preview event in Melbourne to try out Nintendo Switch launch window titles. SnipperClips is a launch window title releasing in March for Nintendo Switch. EWAN

We have the surprise smash hit I hope Snipperclips will eventuate to be. It’s a more modest title, only $30 At UD on the eShop, but a very clever and original puzzle game at that. Snipper2

Completing levels requires creativity, cooperation and communication as you and your partner must cut your characters into usable shapes to complete various tasks. Hilarity ensues and off all the games we played at the showcase, I don’t believe we had more fun or laughed quite so hard as we did playing Snipperclips. This is definitely a game worth paying attention too, and one regrettably most people are currently overlooking.


Snipperclips is honestly a game that I mocked once I saw it being revealed on the Japanese stream. Mainly because the title was in Japanese and nobody could figure out what they hell they were looking at. Once I saw the title and marketing material for the game in English, I took notice purely based on the cutesy graphical style alone.

Upon stepping up to the game alongside Ewan with absolutely no expectations, I was blown away. I was genuinely having more fun with it than any game in recent memory. The sense of creativity that the original indie developers had put into the game is absolutely inspiring. It’s a very simple idea which has to cutting pieces of your partner in order to scoop up a basketball or pop a ballon will take a while to figure out, but once you figure out what you’re doing, it’s an absolute joy to play through.


The puzzles were that perfect balance between taking a while to figure out what you need to do but not being ridiculously hard to the point that it doesn’t feel rewarding once you do solve the problem.

The price is set at $30 which might turn some people off, but I have no doubt that you’ll want to play this over and over again with other people as it seemed like there would be a number of different ways to complete each puzzle.


There’s also apparently a single-player mode but I can’t even imagine how this would work.

Regardless, Nintendo need to work more on securing these great little indie titles, which are perfect for the pickup and play anywhere nature of the Nintendo Switch.


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