Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 Hands-on Preview (Nintendo Switch)


SPLATOON-2-EWANAdmittedly, I have little experience with Splatoon, which likely made Splatoon 2 all the more enjoyable for me. I’m sure fans know to ignore the cute art style, character design and presentation; these matches get intense! Splatoon has developed a strong following and for good reason. I can see the series becoming somewhat of a staple for Nintendo’s hardware in the future, assuming there remains a future post-Switch.


Returning players may be disappointed to not see more changes in what they are calling a “full sequel” that simulatenously boasts “new stages, new fashions and new weapons”. I can see this being one of the stronger titles released in the launch window of 2017. It’s perhaps just a shame it didn’t build upon the first more. Then again, more of the same is sometimes alright.


In all honesty, Splatoon was probably one of my most-played Wii U game which isn’t saying a whole lot. I was a little surprised when Nintendo revealed that it was Splatoon 2 and that it would be releasing this year.

Upon going hands-on with the title, the game looked identical. It was pretty cool to play the game on the Nintendo Switch tablet. Surprisingly, whilst remaining chaotic it was still pretty pleasant to play on the smaller screen.


I must admit, whilst the Pro controller felt great, I noticed the lack of the second screen on the Wii U. Splatoon was one game that actually made perfect use of the Wii U gamepad in order to warp across the screen. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but it’ll definitely take pro players getting some used to.

The new finishers including the Ink Jetpack, were a game changer and quite frankly what the game needed. It allows you to use them to perfectly time your takeover and can really change the tide of the game.

Splatoon 2 will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Winter 2017.