UPDATE: Unfortunately all the Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Keys are gone. If we receive anymore from Ubisoft, the campaign will reopen. Thank you so much to all who redeemed and enjoy your time in Ghost Recon Wildlands this weekend!

Thanks to Ubisoft Australia, we’ve got 200 Ghost Recon: Wildlands closed beta codes to giveaway. Each code will allow you to invite three friends to play along with you. The closed beta will run from February 3rd-6th. The closed beta is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Grab a key by filling out the form below. Instructions as well as your key will be emailed to you. Codes are first come, first served.

As Ghosts, players will work together to take down key members of the Santa Blanca drug cartel as they dismantle the criminal organization. Similar to the full game, all the content in the Closed Beta will be playable with up to three friends via four player co-op, or in single player. Players are free to utilize any variety of vehicles, tactical equipment and weapons to get the job done.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out on March 7th.

  • pawno

    Awesome thanks guys! Missed out on getting a key from Ubi directly so very happy I’ve got an opportunity to still get a spot in the Beta

    • Gera Costa

      give me a key? please….

      • pawno

        Sorry Gera, they only gave me the one key

        • lu re

          invite me ? gives me access to the game as well i believe.

    • Siu Chung Luk

      can you please give me a code, please email it to me thanks you very much.

      • pawno

        Sorry mate they only gave me one key

  • Chet-The-Threat

    Please can I get a beta key I won’t have crap to play this weekend? Please!

  • Chet-The-Threat

    Pritty Please can I get one? I spend about 500.00$ a year on UBISOFT so can I please get shown some love? Email me at chetscales84@yahoo.com

    • Shannon Grixti

      We’re all out unfortunately. This post will be updated if we get anymore.

  • Josef Kurka

    Any1 have key to spare ? PS4 – Teleblbis

  • andr

    tmdandrkim@gmail.com key please =)

  • Michael Kelley

    when i got on here the first time it let me put my email in does that mean i might get a code?

  • Yooshya

    can seomeone invite me on pc?
    nickname : Yooshya

  • Giorgi Obgaidze

    invite me please on pc username:jeoseli2

  • Navid Agz

    can anyone plz invite me on PC ???

  • Ghettoboiii

    please send me an invite for PC i signed up for the beta 6/12/2016 and didnt get a code.

  • Choco
  • Choco


  • A Guy

    Please give just one. PS4 elishahowensby@gmail.com

  • Aislan

    pls invite me in ps4 my UPlay is aislan1010

  • Aris

    pls,someone,invite me on PC :c arikokaori18@gmail.com

  • TRL1988

    Plizz let me have a code for Ps4 thomaslunder@hotmail.com

  • Ettore Mozer

    Pls give me a code for XBOX
    nick: ExcellentEar29

  • Sindre Arntzen

    Pls invit me in Xbox my Uplay is InsaneSniperPig

  • Sindre Arntzen

    Can somone Pls invit me on Xbox my upaly insanesniperpig

  • bcazk

    pls anyone? pc Uplay: BcAzk18

  • Philip Pipo Benz

    If someone want to invite me (UPLAY: ult1Mat0nat0r) would be fucking happy abou it 🙂

  • Andrew Baj

    If someone is so kind to invite to pc please uplay name ShojiShout thx

  • mrcolorstone

    if someone can invite my uplay bosco2507

  • b

    Please help me stop crying by inviting me for a beta PeshmergaKurdi :'(

  • mate

    Hay lads im not gonna beg or anything but i would appreciate it if someone invited me, User:Noggin99

    • mate

      Oh i am on pc btw sorry blokes

  • Michael

    Come-on. Pay it forward and pass along a pc code to someone in need…

  • Michael

    Can someone invite me on pc (mmcdonald2k uplay login name)

  • rob

    Can i get a code please PC

    Ubi name: robert_v

    Thanks 🙂

  • Vladutz

    Hello! I need an invite toooo!

    Taliell on uplay!!!!

    Thank you!!!!