Nintendo Switch Is Getting The Marketing Push It Deserves In Australia

As we’ve watched the Nintendo Switch hype roll out worldwide, we’ve been wondering when we’re going to start seeing marketing for the console pop up around Australia. Well, this weekend has finally began delivering.

At Westfield Chatswood, the Nintendo Switch was playable both yesterday and today. A booth not too different from the one that appeared at the Melbourne media event and Sydney’s RTX housed games such as 1-2 Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Arms.

The most important thing in the lead-up to launch and beyond is that consumers go hands-on with the Nintendo Switch. I’m reminded daily in my work place that people still have an intimate love for Nintendo brands including but not exclusive to Mario, Pokemon and Zelda.

Further to this, billboards have started popping up in Australia. Just yesterday alone, they had popped up in Adelaide and Sydney, which means that they’re surely in all major Australian cities. This is important as it’s the first time that Nintendo has advertised on such a large scale in Australia in some time. I don’t believe we ever saw these kinds of large-scale advertisements for the Wii U.

Sure, the billboards aren’t those epic ones that we saw taking over Japanese train stations, but they’re a good sign that Nintendo is committed to this product long-term and wants success in Australia again.

We’ve also more recently seen some incredible displays pop up at JB Hi-FI stores across the country, a sign that retail believes in the Nintendo Switch too.

Whilst the Nintendo Switch isn’t sold out at any major Australian retailer, we’re led to believe that pre-orders are well ahead of the Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch will release in Australia on March 3rd for $469.95. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the Nintendo Switch to date, but I’m incredibly excited about the launch and beyond and truly believe that Nintendo have a product to really gain a foothold in the market.