Our Most Anticipated Games Of June

Release Date: Friday, June 2nd
Platforms: Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC

Tekken 7 brings to conclusion a storyline spanning several years while bringing several new gameplay elements into the fray. Fans of the franchise can expect the usual, including some pretty excessive customization as well as a slightly strange guest appearance from Street Fighter’s Akuma.

Camilla said: “I remember playing hours and hours of Tekken 3 with my friends as a kid, such fond memories. I can’t wait for the return of King and Eddy Gordo in the latest installment!”

Matt said:Days in the arcades playing nearly every previous instalment, crowds of rowdy youths lining up for their turn at glory. Tekken has been a pillar in my gaming life, and the latest release amps up the stakes!”

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Release Date: Tuesday, June 6th
Platforms: Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC

The already gargantuan world of Elder Scrolls Online gets a major update in the form of Morrowind. Re-imagining the world that got us hooked on the Elder Scrolls in the first place, Morrowind introduces new classes, new worlds and a new PvP mode that’s bound to draw in even more players to Tamriel.

James said:I’ve never really played Elder Scrolls Online but I’ve always enjoyed the single player games that Bethesda puts out. Morrowind looks like enough to entice me to jump back into the world of Tamriel, though I’m so uneasy given how little I care for MMOs”

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Release Date: Wednesday, June 7th
Platforms: Playstation 4

The first Wipeout game to release in five years, Omega Collection brings together Wipeout 2048 as well as Wipeout HD to provide a brand new Wipeout experience for players longing for the series’ fast paced anti gravity action. Players can expect completely remastered visuals optimised for the Playstation 4 Pro and a banging new soundtrack.

Mehdi said:What can I say? WipeOut is one of those franchises I really don’t see enough, but once I get my hands on it I’m hooked for the foreseeable future. HD, HD Fury and 2048 are some of my favourite racing games out there, and being able to play them back in 4K is pretty much a fanboy’s dream come true!”

Seamus said:Futuristic setting, fast paced deadly racing and pumping electronic tracks to boot, the Wipeout series appeals to me on so many levels. So seeing it disappear was really heartbreaking. With the Omega Collection, I see it as a celebration of what was a fantastic franchise and possibly the last opportunity to dominate the anti-gravity circuits all over again.”

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Release Date: Friday, June 9th
Platforms: Playstation 4 / Xbox One

Dirt 4 continues the action from where it left off in Dirt 3 and Dirt Rally. Players will be able to race through Australia, Spain, the UNited States, Sweden and Wales in both on-road and off-road terrain through varying weather conditions. In a first for the series, there will also be a new mode called “Your Stage” that will allow the game to automatically generate tracks on the fly for players to race through.

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Release Date: Friday, June 16th
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

ARMS is Nintendo’s kooky take on the fighting genre, allowing up to four players to battle it out using a variety of extendable arms in fully three dimensional arenas. Having enjoyed a reasonably successful beta test the past weekend, ARMS allows players to take the battle using motion controls or traditional ones. A game of volleyball here and there doesn’t hurt either!

Seamus said:After having a blast during the global testfire I cannot wait for Nintendo’s newest IP on the Switch! The mechanics are incredibly satisfying, the visuals are a delight and the characters are all interesting and unique with Nintendo giving just enough background/lore on them to have me love them already and wanting to know more, in a very similar vain to Overwatch. Also, Min Min is best bae.”

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Release Date: Tuesday, June 20th
Platforms: Playstation 4 / PC

Final Fantasy XIV officially leaves Playstation 3 behind as Stormblood, it’s second major expansion, hits Eorzea.  Stormblood brings several new features to Final Fantasy XIV; including a level cap increase, new jobs, several new areas to explore as well as a new raid that sees a return to Ivalice.

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Release Date: Saturday, June 24th
Platforms: 3DS

Ever Oasis sees players step into the shoes of a seedling who must create a village in the middle of the desert and find their lost brother. Sharing elements of Harvest Moon with aspects of Fantasy Life, Ever Oasis has you building up your village and oasis while completing missions in dungeons and caves to keep things interesting.

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Release Date: Friday, June 30th
Platforms: Playstation 4

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy brings the first three Crash Bandicoot games (ie. the good ones) into the new generation. Featuring 4K visuals, widescreen presentation and remastered sound and controls, N.Sane Trilogy may be driven by sheer nostalgia but has the potential to be the biggest game of the year.

Ewan said:Crash holds a special place in my heart. It’s one of the earliest games I can remember playing. To see these games that I  cherish dearly, so lovingly remade with careful attention paid to the original mechanics definitely gets those nostalgia juices flowing. I expect a single tear to roll down my cheek upon booting this game up for the first time.”

Jake said:After sitting here and orchestrating with the team that Crash Bandicoot April’s Fool joke that was seen by millions and tugged at so many heart strings, how can we not pick this as the most anticipated. I mean we basically made it happen #jks #butalsomaybe

Brodie said:In what is a relatively light month for games, it seems I’ll be waiting until the very end of June — after the E3 rush — to try my hand at Crash Bandicoot for the first time in my life.

Hopefully it’s a game that ages well because I certainly will be lacking the nostalgia to carry me through if the mechanics are dated and somewhat lacking. The small slice I got during Uncharted 4 was enough to pique my interest and the high regard the rest of the Press Start crew holds Crash with only strengthens my interest.

Seamus said:Being a PlayStation gamer growing up Crash Bandicoot was just one of those series which became a core part of my childhood. Despite how friggin hard they were, particularly for a kid I still have many found memories of the series. Especially for the spin offs in Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing, so here’s hoping we see remakes of them too!

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