The Coolest Things That Will Be At The Technology + Gadget Expo

The Technology + Gadget Expo is coming to Melbourne’s  Convention and Exhibition Centre this weekend. Over two days (August 19th and 20th) you’ll be able to attend the expo and go hands-on with some awesome tech related goodness.

These are the coolest products we can’t wait to see in the flesh

Samsung Frame TV

It’s all the rage at the moment. It’s Samsung’s new flagship TV that makes your TV look like a piece of art. With people spending millions of dollars on homes, people don’t want massive TVs (and TV units) becoming an eye sore, so this TV has been designed to act like a normal TV when powered on, but when it’s turned off, you’re able to transfer it into a piece of art. Samsung claim that it manages to bring Art +TV together and it’ll be on show this weekend.



I’m a massive dog fan (who isn’t?) and a range of brand new iFetch toys have just arrived in Australia and will be on show at the TGE. This product will literally keep your dog busy all day long by constantly throwing balls, so you don’t have to waste your energy throwing them yourself. There’s a whole range of product suited for all kinds of dogs that you’ll be able to see this weekend.


Evolve Electric Skateboards

Evolve is an Australian Owned Electric Longboard Company. They provide everything from snowboards to surfing products but the Evolve Skateboard range is something else. They’re apparently light, quiet and very quick to charge. Surprisingly though, they actually look quite nice and not too geeky at all, so I could actually see people riding them down the street. It’ll be interesting to give one a go.



The SCORKL is a lightweight Underwater Breathing product that’s designed in Melbourne. It received only a million dollars in funding (more than 4000% of its asking) in July, and it’ll be on show for the first time in Australia this weekend. It looks like it’s still a whole off releasing but this looks like something that almost every Australian home should own.


Reentertainment is one of the most innovative product companies in Australia. They provide all kind of entertainment solutions from virtual reality to augmented reality products and they’re sure to have some awesome stuff on show.