Not Being Able To Play Destiny 2 Is Killing Me

So Destiny 2 released yesterday, but you probably know that, right? It’s being advertised absolutely everywhere: Tinder, Snapchat, bus stops, TV commercials. It’s clear at this point that everyone is talking about it and everyone is playing it. Everyone, except for me. 

You see, I’ve recently moved overseas to study. It isn’t that I don’t have my PlayStation with me; I do. I sacrificed a precious few kilograms to bring that bad boy on the plane with me. I even found some British power plugs for it so I don’t even have to worry about overloading my cheap Officeworks travel adapters. 

Destiny-2-1But I don’t have a TV. Sure, I could grab one off Gumtree or the like, but I’m stuck in temporary accommodation and can’t move it to my permanent home for my semester abroad. As a student, I can’t go splurging on a TV to last me a little over a week. Can I? No, the financially sensible thing to do is to be patient. But goddamn, it’s killing me. I timed this poorly.

I’m experiencing an extreme level of FOMO (fear of missing out) right now, but it’s more than that. Destiny 2 is time sensitive, you know? Not in the way, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was time sensitive. Fortunately I was staying with my cousin when that came out, so I could borrow her TV. Had I left playing that until later, there’s a good chance I would have run into some spoilers on the Internet. It’s like leaving it a day or two to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones; you’re rolling the dice.

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DESTINY-2-PLAYLIST-HEADERBut it’s different with Destiny; I’m wasting precious time. Precious time not spent grinding, levelling up and collecting loot. By the time I finally logon, chances are that my clan’s already gonna be equipped to run Strikes and Raids, and I’ll be too low a level to participate. Instead I’ll have to complete the early missions and everything they’ve already done whilst I listen to them in the group chat, having fun together. I’m missing out now, but I’ll be missing out then too.

It’s hard to make that difference up. It’ll take me some time and I’ll probably be stuck with strangers as I play catch up. Man, this sucks. I screwed up. Destiny’s a social game; will it even be worth playing once I finally get on?