Should You Get The IPhone 8 Or Wait For The iPhone X?

So, for the first time in a long time, Apple has announced two completely different iPhone models. The iPhone 8/8 Plus is quite similar to the iPhone 7/7 Plus, but it has a glass back, better cameras, a faster processor and the ability to wirelessly charge.

The iPhone X on the other end of the scale is a completely new device. It has a Super OLED screen which pretty much goes from end to end. It has no home button (which appears to be a positive), face scanning (which Apple is calling Face ID), animated emojis and is not much bigger than the iPhone 8 but has a screen that’s larger than an iPhone 8 Plus.

This is sure to create confusion for consumers. On one hand, you can get the iPhone 8/8 Plus next week (for cheaper) but it’s definitely not a revolutionary device. On the other, you can get a brand new future proof device in the iPhone X, but it doesn’t release until November and it’s quite expensive. For the X, you’re looking at roughly $500 more than an iPhone 8 and $250 more than an 8 Plus.

Just speaking to a few people today, there’s some definite uncertainties about which iPhone people should buy. It largely depends on your current situation and what you want out of an iPhone. Obviously, it’s completely fine if you don’t want a new iPhone too. There’s absolutely nothing in these phones that are a must-have.

You own an iPhone 6 or older

Honestly, if you own an iPhone 6 or something older. The chances are you don’t care for upgrading every year. The iPhone 8 or 8 Plus will have some added benefits that you don’t have in your current phone. It’ll be faster, the camera will be exceptional (especially if you’re upgrading to the larger size for portrait mode) and the upgrade will seem justified. Sure, you could also upgrade to the iPhone X, but it honestly depends on how much longer you’re willing to wait, and whether you’re willing to pay for that jump in price.

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You own an iPhone 7/7 Plus

If you own an iPhone 7/7 Plus and you’re wanting to upgrade to a new phone, I’d definitely recommend that you wait for the iPhone X. Unless you only have an iPhone 7 and you’re super desperate to upgrade to the iPhone 8 Plus for Portrait mode, you’re not going to notice a whole lot that is different. If you’re willing to upgrade after only 12 months, you should definitely wait a few more months and dish out those extra pennies.

You’re jumping to iPhone from another manufacturer

This is a tricky one and it honestly comes down to why you want to buy an iPhone. The iPhone 8/8 Plus should be an extremely solid device, but it might be lacking some of the features that you’re used to (especially if you’re coming from an Android phone). If your existing phone is capable of wireless charging and face scanning, then you might want to look at the iPhone X. If you’re just looking for a solid phone and want the iOS software, then the iPhone 8/8 Plus might be what you’re looking for.

At the end of the day, both the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X will be solid devices. This is the first time that Apple has provided consumers with a great deal of choice (outside of size) and it’s completely understandable that you might be confused about your choice. The biggest drawcard for the iPhone X is the ability to have a bigger (and better) screen in the smaller form factor. If you’re already happy with a Plus sized phone, then it might not be an issue for you.