12 Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games You Should Be Excited For In 2018

The Nintendo Switch is still very much in the infancy of its life and yet its impact is already far-reaching and has put Nintendo firmly back on the map in a big way. Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild helped Nintendo along to a monumental 2017, and these are just a bunch of the console exclusives that’ll see the company enjoy a fruitful 2018.

Kirby Star Allies

Chance of Releasing: It’s A Lock

Sucking is business and for Kirby, business is good. A real hit with George Costanza thanks to his pinkish hue, Kirby returns to consoles this year with another classic platforming experience.

As a co-op game, Star Allies is going to be another great game that capitalises on the Switch’s ‘gather around’ tabletop mode. The game is currently expected to launch on March 16.

Nintendo Labo

Chance of Releasing: Definitely

In a move that had me declaring Nintendo to be absolute bloody geniuses, they announced Labo, an innovative idea that’d see gamers building their own games from a sheet of cardboard before integrating the Switch and its Joy Cons. Be it a piano, a fishing rod or a motorbike’s handles, Labo offers a mouth-watering range of variety.

Even though it’s aimed at children I’m quietly intrigued by the idea and I really do hope it takes off and pays dividends for Nintendo because this kind of risk should be rewarded. Labo is out April 20.


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Chance of Releasing: Bet The House On It

Though it’s a port, it’s hard not to be excited for a Donkey Kong Country title on the Switch given its portability.

Tropical Freeze was a phenomenal platformer upon its initial release that, due to being released on the less than stellar Wii U, might have gone a bit unappreciated. Funky Kong even makes his debut in Tropical Freeze in a new beginner-friendly mode that makes a usually punishing game a bit more accessible.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is slated for a Star Wars day release on May 4, 2018.

Super Smash Bros

Chance of Releasing: Outside Chance

According to some industry insiders, a Smash Bros game is a lock for this year at some point. We even discussed the likelihood of this in our latest podcast where James speculated that it might launch to coincide with Nintendo launching their online service in September which, to us, seems feasible.

We also talked about whether the next iteration might launch as a sequel or as a service platform that might just be treated to periodic updates like a lot of games these days. Whatever the case, you can be sure that a new Smash Bros game would only further propel the Switch’s sales into the stratosphere and put one in most living rooms.

Mario Tennis Aces

Chance of Releasing: Likely

If there’s a sport that needs a shot in the arm after some recent failings, it’s probably tennis. Mario Tennis Aces, like most things Mario, is sure to be a monster hit as it brings a story mode to the franchise for the first time since its Gameboy Advance iteration.

This means all of the good things like boss battles and a bit of mission variety to keep the formula from becoming stale. There’s no release date just yet, but it’s assumed you’ll be testing your backhand sometime this year.

Untitled Ace Attorney

Chance of Releasing: So So At This Point

Though I’ve never played a single Ace Attorney game, the iconic image of Phoenix Wright point off-screen, clad in a smart blue suit, is one that’s burnt into my mind and has, honestly, always left me curious about the series.

Ace Attorney is a series that has lasted for almost twenty years so it’s clear there’s a lot of love for everyone’s favourite video game lawyer. Though a collection of existing Phoenix Wright games is rumoured for the console, it’s the mainline game we’re hoping captures the stylish visual-novel brand Ace Attorney is known for.

Untitled Fire Emblem

Chance of Releasing: Likely

Though the franchise hasn’t touched down on home consoles in almost a decade, we’re keen to see how the game’s brand of full-scale warfare plays out on the Nintendo Switch.

With no known plot or roster, it’s hard to know what to expect from the still-untitled Fire Emblem title, though it’s safe to say we’re going to catch feels with half of our squad before they meet their grizzly permadeath ends only to have to do it again and again.

My heart isn’t ready.

Untitled Yoshi

Chance of Releasing: Very Likely

Out of all the games that Nintendo shed light on at last year’s E3, Yoshi was hands-down the cutest with its adorable art direction that drops Mario’s dino-pet into a stunning world that looks like a cobbled together diorama. You’ve heard of Paper Mario, but this is cardboard Yoshi.

Yoshi is one of Nintendo’s most likeable characters and we’re thrilled to see him getting another game from Good Feel, the team behind the critically-acclaimed Yoshi’s Woolly World.


Chance of Releasing: Have To Think So

The Runner games are a wonderful, colourful and entrancing series of rhythm-platformers so I’m super excited to see Commander Video returning in a third title in this Bit.Trip series.

The series always hits the sweet balance of being tricky and being rewarding and its bite-sized levels are a no-brainer for what is essentially a handheld console. So get ready to jump, slide and kick to your heart’s content as Runner3 looks to hopefully meet an early 2018 window.

Bayonetta 3

Chance of Releasing: We’re Hopeful

With the first two games in the Bayonetta series releasing recently on the Switch to the rapturous applause of gamers everywhere, Nintendo’s investing in the series to publish the third game exclusively seems to be a masterstroke.

With only one brief trailer to go on, it’s unknown when the game is currently slated for. But it’s enough at this stage to know that the deadly and buxom heroine is returning to our screens soon enough for another explosive romp.

Metroid Prime 4

Chance of Releasing: Less Than Likely

There was plenty missed during Nintendo’s E3 show thanks to people’s brains melting over the announcement of Metroid Prime 4.

It’s unknown who or what we’ll see in the next Prime title, though Kensuke Tanabe, the man heading up development on the title, has stated he’d like to explore a story that follows both Sylux and Samus so it’s completely up in the air. Given we’ve seen nothing of the game, it’s super unlikely it’ll come out this year.

The best we can hope for at this point if we’ll see a glimpse of the game in the next couple of months at a Nintendo Direct.

Untitled Pokemon

Chance of Releasing: Pretty Good

Though very little is known about the upcoming mainline Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch, you would have to assume that Game Freak is going to whip up something special for its Pokemon console debut.

More impressive graphics, a bigger game world and a huge roster of Pokemon are givens, though we’re all interested to see what they manage to do beyond that. Perhaps after the mobile success story of Pokemon Go, it’s possible they’ll incorporate some of the features that made it so popular.