The 7 Most Iconic E3 Moments Of All Time


Everyone’s favourite time is E3. The press conferences always deliver some iconic moments, epic trailers and just downright great gaming moments. We’ve listed our 7 favourite moments of all time. These moments are the kind that would make any gamer stand up in front of their computer and applaud. Lets hope that 2018 delivers some killer moments.


At the first-ever E3, Sony shook the gaming industry with the reveal of the PlayStation. Many expected Sony’s first console to be priced well above the competitors, but Steve Race (SCEA’s President) revealed that the PlayStation would be $299, which was $100 less than it’s cheapest competitor. This price, paired with the fact that the superior tech in handling 3D was enough for Sony to conquer the video game industry.


Also taking place in the inaugural E3, was SEGA’s shock announcement of the Sega Saturn being available the day after their conference. They decided to to create buzz around the Saturn by moving up the release date ahead of the Playstation’s September release. Ultimately, the PlayStation’s cheaper price point as well as it’s far superior technology was enough for the PlayStation to beat it. Thankfully, the announcement reel was still absolutely iconic.


Nintendo had previously excited gamers realistic Zelda demo showing Link doing battle with Ganondorf on the Gamecube. After this, they announced The Wind Waker, which was a great game but stylistically not what gamers were expecting. Fast forward to E3 2004, where Nintendo revealed The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. We now know that the game enjoyed quite a troubled release path eventually finding itself releasing for both the Gamecube and Wii but that’s all semantics. E3 is about living the dream.

4After initially being announced as a PS3 exclusive a few years earlier, Yoichi Wada (Square’s CEO) took the the stage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference to reveal that Final Fantasy XIII would be the first major Final Fantasy game to come to Xbox. Obviously Microsoft fans were ecstatic, whilst most Sony fans were devastated over the fact that one of Playstation’s biggest exclusives had just gone to Xbox.

5This phrase originated during E3 2007, when Reggie Fils-Aime alongside Shigeru Minamoto and Bill Trinen unveiled the Wii Balance Board. The crowd sent silent before Fils-Aime walked up to the Wii Balance Board and claimed that his body is ready. The phrase “My body is ready” has rung true through many years of E3. In fact, Nintendo have provided some of the most iconic E3 moments, so it’s super sad to see that they won’t have a press conference. They know how to capture the imagination of gamers more than anyone.

6To say that Valve and PlayStation had a rocky relationship prior to this would be an understatement. Thankfully for gamers, Gabe Newell took to the PlayStation E3 conference in 2010 to announce that Portal 2 would be coming to PS3, with steam support. It was an announcement that nobody saw coming, especially considering the fact that Newell took it one further and said it would be the best console version. This announcement was one of the first to teach us that absolutely anything could happen.

7Without doubt, this is one of the most iconic moments in E3 history. Particularly thanks to Microsoft’s conference earlier in the day (Which we’ll cover in the next feature), Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would change the way we played our games restricting used games, required always online. Sony took to the stage later in the day to reveal that the PS4 would handle used games in the same way that the PS3 did and would not require any form of always online. The audience erupted louder than I’ve ever heard an E3 audience. This press conference is largely attributed to the PS4’s overwhelming success proving how important E3 press conferences really are. Sony also followed the conference up with a video detailing how to play used games on PS4 which has garnered more than 15 million views.

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