Lara’s Awkward Smile In Tomb Raider’s Photo Mode Is Hilarious

Whoever it was as Eidos Montréal that decided the allow Lara to smile awkwardly as a pose in the Photo Mode of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, thank you. And thank you Internet! People have already been playing the game and putting Lara in awful situations before posing for a weirdly cheery selfie and sharing it on Reddit and Twitter.

#imsofucked #nofilter
by u/shoni89 in TombRaider

Photo Modes, a feature that is becoming increasingly commonplace in triple-A releases, allows players to pause the game, maneuver the camera, adjust the character model and apply filters to get the perfect show. In the case of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you can select a number of different emotes for Lara, one of which is forcing her to smile, regardless of the situation she finds herself in. Obviously, it’s comedy gold.

Lara Croft: Terminator from TombRaider

When you finally get that inheritance you’ve been waiting for… (i’m a terrible person) from TombRaider

There’s even been a few shared that make Lara out to be modern treasure-hunting, social media influencing, Instagrammer.


Can we all agree psychotic Lara is the funniest thing about photo mode? from TombRaider

Keep them coming Internet. I can’t even deal.