10 PS4 Exclusive Games To Be Excited For In 2019

2018 was an absolute stellar year for Sony with God of War, Detroit Become Human and Spider-Man (to name a few). Whilst we don’t know a lot about Sony’s 2019 lineup, there’s a lot of games that have been a long time coming that will be worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

Blood and Truth

Chance of Releasing: Definitely

PlayStation VR Worlds is still one of the best VR experiences to date, and Blood and Truth expands on the extremely well-done ‘The Heist’. It’s one of the most natural uses for VR for date, and this is set to provide the same thrilling action and easy to pick up gameplay, but make it feel more like a game, rather than a shorter experience.

Blood and Truth is set to release in 2019.

Concrete Genie

Chance of Releasing: Pretty Damn Good

Inspired largely by Jet Set Radio from Sega, PixelOpus’ action-adventure game is all about bringing artsy doodler Ash’s hometown back to life by penning living portraits. It sounds odd, but it uses motion controls where a lot of games mightn’t dare, so we’re in.

Concrete Genie releases in the first half of 2019.

Days Gone

Chance of Releasing: You’d Hope So

As Deacon St. John—yes, that’s his real name apparently—you’re tasked with looking like a Sons of Anarchy extra while killing a heap of Freakers, a fancy word for zombies. No really, have you seen how many shambling idiots they can fit on-screen in Days Gone? We can’t help but be impressed. We’ve been expecting Days Gone for a while now, and after it was originally supposed to release in February, you’d think it’s certain to hit its April release date.

Days Gone releases on April 26th, 2019.

Death Stranding

Chance of Releasing: Who Knows

We’re not going to embarrass ourselves by even pretending to know what Death Stranding is, but intrigue is at an all-time high. With Kojima helming a superstar cast, bloody anything could happen. We don’t really know how far along Death Stranding is. It could be coming this year, it could be 4-5 years away. Neither would really be surprising at this point.

Death Stranding does not have a release window.


Chance of Releasing: Definitely (In Some Form)

Similar to Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet, Dreams places its focus on the player’s ability to ‘play, create and share’. It’s a game where the possibilities are many and creativity is seriously going to be rewarded. It was Shannon’s best-in-show at E3 2018 for a reason.

Dreams does not have a release window.

Everybody’s Golf VR

Chance of Releasing: Bet On It

Everybody’s Golf VR will take the hugely popular long-running series (that is majorly popular in Japan and in other parts of the world) into the world of VR. It’s unclear how similar this will be to the recently release Everybody’s Golf on PS4.

Everybody’s Golf VR has a release window of 2019.


Ghost of Tsushima

Chance of Releasing: Likely

Set during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, Sucker Punch’s action-stealth title looks absolutely gorgeous in action. The developer actually has a historical sword-fighting expert on hand to ensure the game’s gameplay foundations aren’t anachronistic. Ghost of Tsushima appears to be another home run for PlayStation first-party. Ghosts is most likely Sony’s big game for the holiday period and I’d put this one ahead of The Last Of Us and Death Stranding in terms of likely to release.

Ghosts Of Tsushima has previously been confirmed for 2019.


Chance of Releasing: 100%

Known as Judge Eyes in Japan, where it’s already out, Judgment is a crime-thriller set in the Yakuza universe. It follows a private detective who is knee-deep in investigating a serial murder case. The word is the game is great, so this might be a spin-off worth delving into.

Judgment is set to release in Winter 2019


Chance of Releasing: Yep And Early

The return of Sir Daniel Fortesque has been long sought after, and we’re not going to have to wait much longer. The resurgence of Crash and Spyro proved nostalgia is money and we’re not surprised Sony is cashing in yet again on another classic series. Anybody got money on a Halloween release? We’d bet on MediEvil filling that period earlier in the year that Sony has been known for.

Medievil does not have a release window.

The Last of Us Part II

Chance of Releasing: Just Missing

Naughty Dog are the masters of their craft and we’re so excited to see the benchmark they can set with The Last Of Us Part II. Masterful is how I’d describe what we’ve seen so far, plus with Ellie on the warpath, we’re expecting this sequel to be absolutely barbaric. The Last Of Us Part II is arguably the most important game that any three console holders have in their lineup. Sony probably could target this holiday, but it’ll play an important part in the PS5 release window.

The Last Of Us Part II does not have a release window.

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