All Of Your Resident Evil 2 Questions Answered

This morning we put the out the word to our valued community to send us any questions that you wanted to be answered about Capcom’s upcoming reimagining, Resident Evil 2.We had much more questions than we anticipated, some of which can’t be answered completely, but I’ve done my best to answer most of them here in some way, shape or form. At the request of Capcom and my own personal belief that this game is best experienced as blind as possible, spoilers will be at an absolute minimum.

Don’t forget you can read our review here. I’ve also put together some tips that’ll be a great help for new players too.

Malachy Hamilton asks “Is it worth playing this version if you’ve never played an RE game ever?”

Absolutely! While Resident Evil 2 is the sequel, the game was designed to be as separated as possible from the first game, and works as both a sequel and a standalone experience. Think of it as a new story and a new game taking place in the same world as the first game, not a direct continuation.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks “Will I need to turn up the brightness to see, or does the torch illuminate well enough?”

The game is, by design, dark. You can turn the brightness up but this would be betraying the spirit of the game. It’s meant to be dark, and the touch does a fantastic job of lighting up whatever you’re looking at.

Justin Millard asks “Is it possible to play most of the game with just the combat knife?

The combat knife works very differently in Resident Evil 2, behaving like a defense item from the remake of Resident Evil 1. As such, you’ll find multiple knives throughout the game. You can attack using the knife, just like the classic games, but I think the game is way too tough to complete using just the knife. Perhaps you could, with some dedication, but it’d be really tough.

You can unlock a knife that doesn’t break though, which could be useful.

Kevin Hoang asks “[sic] is the game better, same or worse than Resident Evil 7: Biohazard?

Hard to answer. I personally found Resident Evil 7 to be much scarier than Resident Evil 2, but as a whole I preferred 2 to Resident Evil 7. It takes all the best bits of the first half of Resident Evil 7 and expands it into a full game. It’s fantastic.

Jonathon Lee asks “Will it have the same end credit music?”

No, most of the music has changed, and the credit music is no different. It’s a new track.

Matt Murphy asks “Any new additions to the plot?

There’s not many new plot points added to the game. There is a new location, which has a bit of backstory to it, but generally speaking the story hits the same beats as the original game. Some aspects are changed or expanded – some characters who appeared for a few seconds in the original game stick around for a bit longer too with some more fleshed out stories.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks: “Are Cerberus in the game at all? No promotional material seems to show zombie dogs?”

Yes, screenshots and videos showed them that were put out back in September.

Aaron Toase asks “How do you unlock Tofu?”

Tofu is unlocked upon completion of The 4th Survivor mode, which is unlocked after finishing the game.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks “How do you unlock the classic costumes? Is it just beat both campaigns or a specific rank?”

The classic style costumes are not tied to any completion rank. You unlock them upon completion of the story.

Pierro Awad asks “Will there be any multiplayer mode?”

Nothing has been announced. Ghost Survivors is coming to the game later as a downloadable update, which may feature multiplayer, but for now its safe to say it’ll probably stay a solo affair.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks “Is the laser sight an option in the menu or an upgrade?

You can adjust the colour of your reticle and your dot sight laster in the Display area of the options, however each weapon has it’s own specific sight. Some use reticles, some use dot sight lasers. The magnum is upgradeable with a dot sight laser, while one of Claire’s pistols has a laser attached by default. Not every weapon has one.

Pierro Awad asks “Will there be any special items you get once completed the game like past Resident Evil games?”

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Yes. So far I’ve spotted a pistol and a sub machine gun with infinite ammo. There may be more, but I’ve yet to complete the hardest difficulty mode with the highest ranking.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks: “Can Mr. X be taken down? Have you tried to see if you get any rewards?”

You can temporarily “down” the tyrant. There are no rewards for doing so, it just buys you some time to lose him.

Bradley Thunderstone asks “Where did the giant alligator come from? Was it an experiment?”

While the Alligator makes an appearance, thankfully, not much is spoken of it’s backstory. We can assume it’s the same as the original game – a secondary infection from the outbreak.

“Are the naked zombies still in the Umbrella lab?”

No, they’re not. Though something much more terrifying is.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks: “Can Lickers get through doors?”

In some rooms they can, but they largely stick to their own locations. They can cover immense ground in a short amount of time though so even if they are relegated to a single room in your playthrough, they’re just as menacing and often unavoidable.

Damien Straker asks: “How do they determine the damage on the zombies? In the demo, some of them take three headshots to kill but others seem to be strong and absorb more hits before going down

I honestly couldn’t say for sure. The system The average zombie tended to take about four well placed headshots to take down. Your weapons also have the random chance to execute a critical hit, dealing more damage at random. There’s really no way to tell how damaged a zombie is, really, but this feels just like the old games. At least now you can take out their legs if you need too.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks “How long on average are the Ada and Sherry segments?

Very hard to say, but both of these moments feature unique gameplay mechanics not seen in the main game. I’d peg them at about fifteen or so minutes each.

Taylor Watson asks: “Does Preorder DLC suggest a future season pass, or will the extra content be available separately?

You can purchase the Extra DLC Pack separately, which essentially upgrades your standard edition to the Deluxe Edition. No Season Pass has been announced, but Capcom has today announced some free additional updates, including the Ghost Survivors mode.

Joshua Rizk and Robbie Shenton ask “How long is it if you do a story run through on Normal?”

It really depends on your play style, but completing one of the character’s storylines will take anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. Perhaps even more if you get lost, or struggle with certain puzzles or even just keep backtracking to explore everywhere.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks “Does the Umbrella Facility still have the Plant 43 in there?”

Yes, and in a huge way.

Brian Ivo asks “What affects your ranking in the game? Is it like previous games?”

I wasn’t able to conclusively test this, but I did load a save and do a whole bunch of stuff to see what would affect my ranking. I noticed that on my S-Rank run, I would be awarded with an S+ rank for completing the game under a certain time (which is displayed on the results screen).

Intrigued, I loaded the game back up again and saved a whole bunch of times – and still got an S+ rank. Inspired by the older games, I even used First Aid Sprays to see if that would reduce my rank (like in older RE games). I still got an S+ rank. The only thing that seemed to affect my rank was using one of the secret weapons – which dropped my rank to S instead of S+.

So as far as I can see, all that affects your ranking is your completion time. Nothing else – so save and heal away!

In an effort to keep things brief, some questions have been skipped over – especially those where the answer isn’t actually known. That being said, if you have any other questions, be sure to reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll do my best to respond.

For now, enjoy Resident Evil 2 when it releases later this week. It’s an absolute delight to play!