Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Will Bring Huge Changes Including Dedicated Servers

With the online multiplayer experience being a huge part of games these days, it is only natural that companies look at making changes for the better. With Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, one of the biggest requested features was dedicated servers – and based on the three years of community feedback and data leveraging from the previous iteration in Wildlands, these changes have now been implemented.

The progression system in Breakpoint sees players reaping rewards no matter what mode they play; all experience counts towards your character’s development and unlocking skill trees and class abilities. But what is equally amazing is that all of these abilities won’t actively give you an edge over other players in PVP unless you know how to use them to your advantage – the game is balanced for fairness; with weapons, items and perks all receiving PVP-specific tuning. This is so that there are no ‘critical advantages’ within the game for players over others – it all comes down to how you play and what tactics you use to take out your enemies. But don’t worry, because outside of PVP, all of your upgrades and unlocked skill trees will be just as damaging as they were before.

With the focus being that your time is worth the same regardless of what you choose to play, the game also encourages active gameplay to keep you on the move – the removal of cooldowns and addition of scattered loot mean that instead of staying still and waiting for enemies to come to you, you need to keep moving to take the fight to them. With a motto of “do stuff to get stuff”, it is better to always be on the go both tactically and for the purpose of better gear.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is shaping up to be an awesome new entry into a long-established series, and we can’t wait to see more.