Press Start’s Game Of The Generation #7 – Rocket League

What a generation it has been, full of incredible stories and countless incredible games that have kept players company for hours upon hours. It’s no secret that we at Press Start love our gaming and there has been a lot to love over the last console cycle.

In that time we’ve awarded five Game of the Year awards, given a perfect 10 to fourteen games, and reviewed a lot of others. We’re here to continue our countdown towards the Press Start Game of the Generation.

For an overview of the rules we set for ourselves in determining this top ten, click here.

#7 – Rocket League

It’s crazy that a game about cars playing football has been a competitive staple throughout a generation that has seen the birth of several new genres, but Rocket League hasn’t taken its foot off the gas since its inception five years ago.

It’s a high-octane, wildly fun game, and it’s absolutely family-friendly although the skill ceiling is insanely high. 

Now that the game has gone free-to-play, it feels like a rebirth of sorts for the title, as the game’s devoted community grows that little bit bigger. Though it’s ultimately just football in cars, it’s hard to boil down what makes it special. That said if you’ve even once managed to feather the boost from a wallride and volley the ball into the goal like a seasoned pro that says it all. 

Through Psyonix themselves, the game even hosts its own semi-annual championship series and has become a huge player in the esports scene that has continued to grow this generation. 

In his review, Matt said: 

“If you are tired of the basic sports games out there or just need something chaotic to bide your time with until the next AAA release title, Rocket League is for you. With an endless stream of customisations and a simple yet fun gameplay mechanic that will keep you hooked for hours, Rocket League is set to charm the hearts and minds of even the non-sports oriented crowds. This game is a shot on goal that hits the back of the net with full force.”

You can read the full review here.

He gave it an 8/10, while it carries a Metacritic average on PlayStation 4 of 85.

Congratulations to Psyonix for delivering on a game that round after round after round is a goal in one!

TOP 10

10. Super Mario Odyssey
9. Horizon: Zero Dawn
8. Control
7. Rocket League.