This Year’s Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Gamers In Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner and while everyone is sure to have a gamer or two in their lives to buy gifts for this holiday season, with such a wide variety of ways that people play it’s not always easy to find them the perfect gift. That’s why we’ve put together our Christmas gift guide this year with a focus on some of the more unique and useful products out there to give to the gamer who probably has everything else!


If you’re looking for a fool-proof gift or stocking stuffer this Christmas it’s hard to go past the range that KontrolFreek has to offer. Whether it’s a set of performance thumbsticks themed on Call of Duty Vanguard, the Inferno Kit with sticks and matching controller grips or a set of Precision Rings there’s something for every gamer and their controller. Even if controller gear isn’t their thing, KontrolFreeks has you covered – get them a Gaming Lights LED strip or two to really up their gaming setup.


Back 4 Blood Bargain Gide

This year has brought plenty of top-notch game releases, but there’s something to be said about gifting an underrated or underappreciated title that someone might have otherwise not picked up for themselves.

Our pick for something different out of this year’s titles that also encourages friends to get together online for some holiday gaming is Back 4 Blood, a cooperative shooter that pits up to four players against terrifying zombie Ridden hordes in increasingly intense situations. Grab a few copies at a good price on Amazon and you’ve got gaming sorted for a crowd! Just keep in mind that this one’s rated R18+ so it’s definitely not for anyone who still believes in Santa.


This’ll be the second Christmas since the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles released, meaning it’s been long enough that many of us are finding our console’s in-built storage becoming a problem. That makes the gift of expanded storage a standout idea this holiday season, and Seagate has the biggest range of options to suit anyone – from external HDDs and SSDs for last-gen titles to solutions that’ll bolster a console’s internal storage ready for the coming year’s releases.

If they’ve got a PlayStation 5, you’ll definitely want to look at the Seagate FireCuda 530 with heatsink to upgrade their internal storage to hold and play more PS5 games, or if they’ve got a gaming PC and just need some easy extra space you can go for the Firecuda Gaming Portable HDD. For the Xbox owner in your life, a special edition Halo Infinite Game Drive is a neat gift idea, or if you love them enough you can boost their Xbox Series X/S storage with a 1TB Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox.



The SteelSeries name is synonymous with top-quality gaming gear boasting incredible comfort and features, and with a range that suits all types of gamers there’s sure to be something perfect to put under the tree. Check out all the great SteelSeries products over at Amazon.

If you want our advice, you can’t go past the Apex Pro TKL for a pro-grade keyboard with a slick OLED display and small form factor, or the Rival 5 for an affordable gaming mouse that performs incredibly. Meanwhile, the Arctis 7 wireless headset works with both PlayStation and PC and has all-day comfort with great audio. If all you’re after is a stocking-stuffer, you could even grab a SteelSeries QcK mousepad!



When all else fails – grab a gift card. If you’ve got friends or family with a PlayStation console and you’re lost for ideas, you really can’t go wrong with a PlayStation Wallet top-up that’ll give them credit to purchase full games, add-ons and other content on their PS4 or PS5. We’ve reviewed some excellent digital-only titles this year such as Solar Ash, Toem and It Takes Two, so there’s bound to be something on the PlayStation Store for anyone!


What if I told you that you could give the Xbox gamer in your life an entire line-up of hundreds of quality games across multiple generations and platforms in one single gift? Say hello to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an all-encompassing subscription service that includes an instant library of games on both Xbox and PC, as well as the multiplayer benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

If any of your Christmas lists include the names “Halo Infinite” or “Forza Horizon 5”, they’re both included here alongside a plethora of other great titles. It’s available in 1-month or 3-month blocks, and you can stack multiples if you’re keen to get your loved ones set up for the long haul.


DualSense Bargain Guide

You absolutely cannot go wrong with an extra controller. Whether your loved ones play on console, PC or mobile, both the PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Wireless Controller offer multiplatform compatibility via bluetooth making them an incredibly versatile gift.

If they’ve already got controllers they’ll still have the added benefit of being able to add extra players or simply have a back-up on hand for when their main controller loses charge. There’s no downside! Plus if you’re quick you’ll probably be able to snap up a snazzy design to make it extra special, like the Cosmic Red DualSense or Electric Volt Xbox Wireless Controller.


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