17 PS5/PS4 Exclusive Games To Be Excited For In 2022

The PlayStation 5 has had a cracker first year, quickly becoming the poster child for scarcity and scalping en masse and going on to sell over 13 million consoles as of October 2021. It’s up to PlayStation now to ensure the promise of the PS5’s ultra-fast storage and unique DualSense controller features goes answered in its future software line-up and to prove its case for why punters need to upgrade to the new generation of PlayStation.

While there are definitely some huge hitters on the way, it remains to be seen what surprises PlayStation’s massive suite of first party studios and exclusive development partners have up their sleeves and how many of the most anticipated titles will actually release in the next 12 months. We also expect that the newly revealed PlayStation VR2 will release at some point this year too.

As usual, the below is a list of games that are either confirmed to be – or anticipated to be – released in 2022 and are exclusive to PlayStation at least at launch and among console platforms (we’re not counting PC). Of course, with continued challenges facing development studios globally thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the below is subject to change and being pushed back further to 2023 and beyond.

Let’s hope not though, because there’s some seriously exciting stuff to come!

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Release Date: January 28 for PS5, later for PC.
Platform: PS5/PC

PlayStation sure loves dipping into the previous generation of Uncharted titles for its current-gen consoles, and now it’s time for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted Lost Legacy to get the treatment. Luckily they’re both excellent titles that make for some of the best action-adventure gaming on any platform, so if you’re yet to check them out or you’re looking for a replay there’s not going to be any better way than this new collection with up to 4K or 120fps visuals, lightning-fast load times and new DualSense features!

The cheapest copy: $79 at Amazon with free shipping.


Release Date: February 8
Platform: PS5, PS4, PC

If you’ve been paying any attention to PlayStation’s indie line-up for 2022 you’ll likely have seen this unique, stylish kung-fu brawler where your character ages a little each time they die. It’s by the people behind Absolver, so you can be sure the combat chops are there, and the premise is incredibly enticing.

Horizon Forbidden West

Release Date: February 18
Platform: PS5, PS4

The first major flagship title for PlayStation in 2022 comes in the way of Horizon Forbidden West. The sequel to Guerrilla’s runaway blockbuster hit from the PS4 is surprisingly close to release, but there are still tons of questions we have that are unanswered despite a healthy amount of video content out there for fans to pore over. We’re incredibly intrigued to see how Aloy’s story continues and what the post-apocalyptic robot dinosaur-infested version of San Francisco has in store for us come February 18th.

The cheapest copy: $108 (PS5), $88 (PS4) at Amazon with free shipping.

Babylon’s Fall

Release Date: March 3
Platform: PS5, PS4, PC

The name PlatinumGames slapped on a hack-and-slash action game should be enough for most people to jump on board with few questions asked, but Babylon’s Fall represents something of a sidestep for the studio. Bringing in knowledge gained from working on NieR Automata as well as resources and inspiration from other Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Babylon’s Fall puts a multiplayer spin on the adventure that should make for some memorable and exhilarating combat.

Gran Turismo 7

Release Date: March 4
Platform: PS5, PS4

It’s already been five years since the last Gran Turismo game and nine since the previous numbered title, so fans of the premiere racing sim franchise have a lot to look forward to when the series roars onto PS5 (and PS4) in March. With over 420 cars and 90 tracks, plus a new version of Scapes that features ray-tracing on PS5 alongside 4K60 visuals and DualSense feedback it’s going to be one hell of a return to the race.

The cheapest copy: $108 (PS5), $88 (PS4) at Amazon with free shipping.


Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PS4, PC

I feel like not much needs to be said about Stray. It’s a dystopian sci-fi mystery adventure where you play as a stray cat along with its robot drone companion – what else could you want? Despite its small development team, Stray looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s sure to shine on PS5. It is, thankfully, also coming to PS4 and PC as well when it launches at some stage this year.


Release Date: May 24
Platform: PS5, PC

Luminous Productions, the team behind the Luminous Engine that powers Final Fantasy XV, is back with an acrobatic action-adventure in the form of Forspoken. The game will follow a young New Yorker named Frey who finds herself transported to the mysterious and magical world of Athia and forced to contend with all manner of creatures and danger in a bid to find her way home. You can check out our behind-closed-doors preview of the game right here.

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The cheapest copy: $84.90 at Amazon with free shipping.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PC

Likely Bethesda’s last major PlayStation release and the next game from Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks, Ghostwire: Tokyo has a lot going on but we’re still not quite sure what to make of it. With a haunted, supernatural vision of Tokyo and first-person combat with devastating elemental abilities it’s certainly unique. If anyone can make it all work, it’s the studio that brought us the excellent The Evil Within 2.


Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PS4, PC

We’ve seen Tchia show up a couple of times now at PlayStation events and each time it’s won us over with its adorable-looking sandbox inspired by New Caledonia where players can use a special ability to take control of any object or animal they can find.

ANNO: Mutationem

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS4, PC

ANNO: Mutationem combines the feel of cyberpunk cinema and anime with the composition of VanillaWare’s hybrid-2D titles to create a slick, stylish action game that looks like a dream to play. This one’s supported by the China Hero Project, which aims to boost the profile of China’s development scene by working with studios to market and release their games.

God of War Ragnarok

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5/PS4

Alright, yes, we don’t know for sure that God of War Ragnarok will release this year but we’d like to think that chances are pretty high for a Holiday 2022 launch. The sequel to the beloved 2018 franchise revival has a lot of work to do if it’s going to expand and improve upon what was arguably one of the last generation’s best games, so it’ll be interesting to see what surprises Santa Monica Studio has up its sleeve and how it takes advantage of the power of the PS5 given the sequel spans both console generations.

Deathverse: Let It Die

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PS4

I definitely didn’t have “multiplayer survival game show spin-off of Let It Die” on my 2022 bingo card but here we are. Developer Supertrick is bringing players to the Death Jamboree, where they’ll face off against others in brutal close-range combat with a colourful cast of characters. It looks wild – just wild enough to actually work!

Final Fantasy XVI

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5

Much like God of War Ragnarok, the Jury is definitely still out on whether this one actually releases in 2022. We can hold out hope though if the game’s producer’s most recent comments are any indication – things are delayed but it sounds as if the game could still be deeper into development than we expect. With Yoshi-P, the man famed for saving Final Fantasy XIV, at the helm this could turn out to be just the new direction that the mainline series needs.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PS4

Though it’s had a tumultuous development since first being announced as a joint project between PlatinumGames and Cygames way back in 2016, Granblue Fantasy: Relink is still set to arrive in 2022 (albeit missing the PlatinumGames badge). It’s an action RPG set in the universe of Granblue Fantasy, looks gorgeous and even features music from the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

Goodbye Volcano High

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PS4, PC

This story-driven cinematic adventure incorporates choice-based narrative and rhythm game elements with a coming-of-age story in a world on the brink of extinction. That’s a ton of disparate elements to pull together, especially when you factor in the whole anthropomorphic-dinosaurs deal, but Goodbye Volcano High looks poised to be something special indeed.

Moss: Book II

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS4 (VR)

The tiny adventurer, Quill, is finally making her return this year in the follow-up to the 2018 PlayStation VR hit, Moss. Fans can expect a thrilling new story with new challenges, puzzles and enemies to encounter. Here’s hoping you kept that PSVR headset stored safely aware somewhere!

Little Devil Inside

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PS5, PS4, PC (other platforms later)

It feels like we’ve been waiting for this game for a lifetime, and it’s finally set to release at some point this year. Combining elements of open-world survival with an action role-playing adventure in a 19th-century inspired fantasy world, Little Devil Inside looks incredibly intriguing and sports a distinct, minimalist visual style that truly sets it apart. We can’t wait!

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