Sniper Elite 5

Five Reasons Sniper Elite 5 Is Shaping Up As Being The Ultimate Sniper Game

Bigger, better and more brutal.


The latest instalment in the award-winning series, Sniper Elite 5 offers unparalleled sniping, tactical third-person combat and an enhanced kill cam. What happens next could change history. In stores now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Grab it here.

The Sniper Elite series has made a name for itself for providing exciting, engaging and authentic sniping experiences with realistic gunplay and open-ended levels, and the newly-released Sniper Elite 5 takes everything fans love and cranks it up another notch.

There’s a lot for series fans to sink their teeth into and love about Sniper Elite 5, but it’s also got a lot to offer for anyone who’s never jumped in before. In fact, shooter fans in general would do well to check out what could be the ultimate video game sniper experience yet. We’ve even put together a short list of our favourite reasons to give this a go, so have a read:


Set in France in 1944, the events on Sniper Elite 5 take place before, during and after D-Day. As on-point sniper Karl Fairburne, players start out on a mission to infiltrate the Northern coast of France and open up access to the coast for the U.S. Ranger unit, but things take a turn when Karl secures new intel suggesting the Nazis have a secret plan that threatens to turn the War on its head.

Sniper Elite 5

This changes the course of Karl’s mission as he joins the French Resistance and faces down Müller, a face that Sniper Elite fans will recognise, while slowly uncovering more and more about “Operation Kraken”. This dramatic and explosive narrative provides plenty of reason to jump into Sniper Elite 5 for fans of alternate-history shooters.


The team at Rebellion has put a huge amount of emphasis on giving players an authentic experience of France in Sniper Elite 5, going as far as visiting real-life locations such as Northern France, Brittany, Normandy and Calais as well as museums and historical sites like Saint-Nazaire to learn and take reference photos.

Sniper Elite 5

When it comes to the designs of the levels themselves, the team has looked at every layout, patrol and encounter to ensure that players can approach each and every scenario in many different ways to create their own Sniper Elite experience. Whether it’s storming a fully German-occupied street or taking a treacherous back route by scaling vine-covered buildings, there are surprises and emergent gameplay moments around every corner.


A sniper is little use without their weapons, and something Rebellion prides itself on is listening to its community and how they respond to the guns and gear on offer in each new game when deciding what to include in the next one. Like its approach to level design, the studio’s commitment to actually immersing themselves in the real-life experience going hands-on with actual weapons has helped lend an authenticity to Sniper Elite 5 and inform its design.

Sniper Elite 5

A new default loadout means that players coming from Sniper Elite 4 will be able to try out a slightly different playstyle, and real-world accuracy across the game’s selection of weapons and customisation options should excite those who enjoy sniper/stealth shooter video games of any kind. The ability to look down iron sights is also new to Sniper Elite 5 and empowers players by giving them even more accuracy and immediacy up close with pistols and SMGs.


Sniper Elite 5 encourages players to develop their own play styles and strategies, starting with a base of four main archetypes in Stealth, Power, Speed and Control. Each loosely represents how you’ll approach a situation, whether you’re camped up 600 metres from your targets and picking them off one-by-one or running in with the biggest, loudest guns you have and just chewing through enemies.

Sniper Elite 5

You also won’t need to commit to a particular style or loadout before jumping into a mission, meaning changing your approach on the fly is now entirely possible. Coupled with the huge amount of customisation afforded by your gradually-increasing arsenal of gear found throughout levels, no two missions in Sniper Elite 5 will be the same – even after you’ve played them before.


Rebellion has put a bigger focus than ever on player choice in Sniper Elite 5, and that means offering plenty of opportunity to take a more non-lethal approach. That means you’ll be able to knock your enemies unconscious or avoid them entirely if non-violence is your thing, how you make your way through each level is entirely up to you.

Sniper Elite 5

It won’t be easy though – you’ll need to plan effectively, choose your loadout carefully and learn the lay of the land before you can stealth your way through Sniper Elite 5’s encounters unscathed. The right guns, the right ammo, the right path and the right skills are what you’ll need if you want your best-laid plans to succeed in the most authentic and engaging Sniper Elite experience yet.

Sniper Elite 5 is out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Amazon has the standard edition for $79 with free shipping.