Everything Announced At The September Nintendo Direct

A bunch of great announcements!

Nintendo held its first proper Nintendo Direct in quite a while tonight, with 40 minutes of epic announcements taking place. You can find absolutely everything announced below.


Breath Of The Wild 2 Is Officially Called Tears Of The Kingdom And Has A Release Date

We saw a little bit more gameplay and the official name – Tears Of The Kingdom. It’s releasing on May 12th, though, so you have to wait a bit longer.

The Brand New Fire Emblem Is Called Fire Emblem Engage

It looks like Marth is back amongst some newer characters. Consider me engaged! Kind of. It’s releasing on the 20th of January.

Some More Nintendo 64 Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Including Goldeneye

Pilotwings 64. Mario Party. Mario Party 2. Mario Party 3. Pokemon Stadium. Pokemon Stadium 2. 1080 Snowboarding. Excitebike 64. And Goldeneye 64 (with online play).

Goldeneye is also coming to Xbox Game Pass with 4K graphics.

Pikmin 4 got announced

Phew. We’re safe. It’s launching in 2023, but is a little further off, so not much gameplay footage was shown. The new camera system allows you to follow the Pikmin on the ground.

Kirby Won’t Take A Break As Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Deluxe Is Revealed

The game is an improved and remastered port of the Wii game as well as both returning and new mini-games. It’s out on February 24th 2023.

The Third Wave Of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC Was Revealed

There’s, as always, a nice range of courses from the series storied history. It’s launching towards the tail end of this year.

The Nintendo Switch Sports Update Has Been Delayed But Is Still Free

Nintendo needs a little more time to bring Golf to the already fun Switch Sports package. It’s due later this year.

It Takes Two Is Coming To Switch Too

Featuring a wealth of co-op options, both local and online. Available on November 4th 2022.

The Fourth Fatal Frame Game Is Getting The Remaster Treatment

It marks the first time that the game is releasing outside of Japan. It’s releasing in early 2023.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Is Getting Some More Downloadable Content

I’ve got no idea what it is but some guy in our Discord named Harry seemed keen so I think that’s something? There’s challenge battles and stuff. Wow. This first batch is out on October 13th.

Fist Of The North Star Is Getting A Fitness Orientated Game

When I ask someone to fist me this isn’t what I had in mind. It’s launching on Nintendo Switch in March 2023.

Tunic AKA One Of My Favourite Games Ever Is Also Coming To Nintendo Switch

The game features September 27th.

The Front Mission Remakes Are Shaping Up To Be Rather Juicy

Tactical turn-based mech combat. What more is there to like? This also marks the first time one of the games has been released outside of Japan. The first game releases in November. The second one will launch in 2023. Front Mission 3 is also going to get the remake treatment sometime in the future after that.

Story of Seasons: The Forgotten Valley Is Looking Cute And Cosy

I’m sure the valley is forgotten but so was the framerate. Regardless, it’s looking like one of the cutest and most robust Story of Seasons games yet. You can even watch people grow old, as if real life wasn’t already traumatic enough. It’s available in 2023.

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The First Splatfest Has Been Announced for Splatoon 3

The theme is “what would you bring to a deserted island?” with the options being gear, grub, or fun. I’d bring fun because I am fun.

Hold Me, Because Octopath Traveler II Was Revealed

The game looks to be improving on all the aspects of the original – including intertwining storylines with the eight new travelers. I’m so ready. Come at me. Eight different ways. Oof. It’s releasing on the 24th February 2023.

We Saw Fae Farm And If You Haven’t Heard Of That I Don’t Blame You

It’s really nice that we are getting a game where you farm or build a settlement. We don’t see many of them do we? It’s out in 2023 and exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – Final Bar Line Is The Definitive Theatrhythm Experience

This release includes 385 songs from the storied history of Final Fantasy and other Square Enix series. There are even two-player local and four-player online. It’s releasing on February 16th 2023.

Rune Factory 3 Is Coming To Switch Too Which Is Great For Farmers

Wow. More farming. More settlement building. There’s even a “new mode” to “enjoy more quality time with your spouse” which is so questionable I’m not even going to ask. It’s out in 2023.

Atelier Ryza 3 Exists And I’m Not Able To Remember That Subtitle Sorry

It’s a “charming RPG” where you play with eleven heroes and swap out skills in a turn-based battle. Groundbreaking. It’s launching on February 24th 2023.

There’s A Harvestella Demo Out Right Now For More Farming Fun

It allows you to play the first few days of your farm and transfer your progress to the full game when it launches in November.

A Brand New Gameplay Trailer For Bayonetta 3 Was Shown

It introduced some characters while a proper look at the gameplay was uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube shortly thereafter. It’s still on track for October this year.

The Next Game From The Danganronpa Team Was Shown And It’s Giving Persona

Master Detective Archive: Rain Code is the name. Supernatural dimensional investigation is the game. It’s out in the first half of 2023.

Resident Evil Village And The Other Resident Evil Remakes Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

Very cool but very RUDE as I have no use for these versions. Village is releasing on October 28th. Just like every other game this year.

The Epic Brawler SIFU Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

The sheer guilt I feel for not having played it yet…….I can’t talk about it. It’s releasing in November for Nintendo Switch.

Tales Of Symphonia Is Getting The Remaster Treatment

One of the most highly revered games in the Tales series is finally making it’s jump to modern platforms. It’s out in early 2023.

Oddballers Is Coming To Switch Next Year

Look. I don’t know what this is. And I’m not going to pretend to know. All the best for the future fam. It’s out in early 2023.