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This Week Is A Bloody Huge Week For Game Releases

So many choices!

It’s been a quiet few months for games, but this week is without doubt probably the biggest of the year in terms of AAA game releases with Gotham Knights, A Plague Take: Requiem, New Tales From The Borderlands and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope all dropping. If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s campaign dropping early for those who pre-order the digital edition.

Here’s just some of the bigger games dropping this week:


Platform: PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date: October 18

Best Price: $79 on Amazon with free shipping

After the absolute surprise packet that was A Plague Tale: Innocence, we’re super excited to dig into its sequel, Requiem, when it launches later this year.

The plight of the de Rune siblings captured the hearts of audiences, while the focus on stealth fed into the game’s theme of survival in the face of adversity during the French Inquisition—and rats, a lot of bloody rats.

We’ve checked out a bit of the game for ourselves and loved what we played, you can read about it here.


Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Release Date: October 18

Ghostbusters fans are in for a treat with this asymmetrical multiplayer game where players will create their own Ghostbuster and take on franchise classic ghoulies with friends, either against another real-life player or an AI taking control of the big bad.


Platform: PC

Release Date: October 19

We loved the visual treatment given to Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy when the Legacy of Thieves Collection debuted on PS5 earlier in the year, so we can only imagine that’ll be taken up quite a few notches when fans with beastly gaming PC rigs get their hands on it.


Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: October 20

Best Price: $69 on Amazon with free shipping

It’s an unlikely pairing that delivered one of the most refreshing Mario games in recent memory with Kingdom Battle.

Its sequel, Sparks of Hope, is set to expand on the basic principles of the first by doing away with the grid-based combat and exploring the outer reaches beyond the Mushroom Kingdom.

We’ve recently played a huge chunk of the game as well as interviewed Davide Soliani about its creation and we’re mighty impressed so far.


Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC

Release Date: October 21

Best Price: $69 on Amazon with free shipping

Gearbox has taken over the reigns of Tales From The Borderlands, the narrative adventure spin-off component of the Borderlands world that was helmed by Telltale the first time around. The episodic format is gone, and we’re working with an entirely new cast and story, but all signs point to this being another entertaining and humorous romp that’ll also add a bit of heart to the Borderlands world.

We took a look at the game behind close (virtual) doors recently, you can read about it here.


Platform: PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date: October 21

Best Price: $79 on Amazon with free shipping

One of the greatest role-playing games of all time is slipping its PlayStation bindings to release across several platforms, which should be seen as a celebration because the more people that get to enjoy this game the better.

Balancing the minutiae of school life while invading the “Mind Palaces” of Tokyo’s most nefarious menaces, uncovering their motives, and exposing their sins for all to see is a compelling hook that endures throughout a journey lasting 100+ hours.

Add to the mix a downright hot acid jazz-fusion soundtrack, and it’s a hell of a good time you’d never see coming.


Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date: October 21

Best Price: $89 on Amazon with free shipping

Somehow, Warner Bros has made a Batman game without Batman seem somewhat compelling.

In the wake of Bruce Wayne’s death, the team-up known as the Gotham Knights comes together to watch over Gotham in his absence. The game introduces co-op to the tried and true Arkham formula while adding a lot of role-playing elements to deepen the experience we’re all familiar with.


Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date: Campaign early access: October 21st (October 28th standard release)

Best Price: $78 on Amazon with free shipping

After getting to see Modern Warfare II in person during a studio visit to Infinity Ward, I couldn’t be more eager to step back into the boots of Task Force 141.

The game’s live-action trailer, in particular, sets the tone for what to expect from this sequel’s globetrotting adventure. It sets up the promise of the team and the expectation that they’ll yet again save the world, and I’m down for the ride.

The campaign looks phenomenal, and I particularly love the direction the team is pushing the multiplayer in, going so far as to target the player bases of Rainbow Six: Siege and the ailing Battlefield.