All Of PlayStation’s Showcase Announcements

Make noise you did, Jim!

Before today, when one thought of what’s next for PlayStation and its many talented studios, the big things that sprung to mind would be Insomniac’s Marvel efforts with Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. Outside of rumoured projects, not much else is slated. Part of that is due to the fact PlayStation hasn’t had a fair dinkum blowout showcase like this for a couple of years.

Jim Ryan stated recently that one of PlayStation’s new goals, outside of their already staggering market dominance, would be mindshare and that they were looking to make some noise.

With that in mind, here are all of the announcements from this morning’s PlayStation Games Showcase.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is Shaping Up To Be One Hell Of A Sequel

This trailer did a lot. I mean everything except confirm a date, which has long-rumoured to be September.

PlayStation Announced Their Streaming Device Project Q

It features all of the DualSense capabilities while including an 8″ screen. It’ll stream games from your console, which is certainly rad.

We’re Getting The Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake After All

They definitely kept us waiting, huh? As the title has what is essentially a triangle in the title, it’s tough to transcribe. But let it be known, it got a pop from all on the call.

Metal Gear Solid’s Master Collection Vol. 1 Is Coming To PlayStation 5 This Year

This collection bundles the first three games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, which will be handy for those like me who’ve never played them. Shameful, I know.

Bungie Has Announced Their Marathon Reboot

It looks bloody synthy, and you know how we feel about synthy. The game is said to be a PVP extraction shooter and is also multiplatform with full crossplay and cross-save.

Bungie Also Showed Off A Beautiful Trailer For Destiny 2: The Final Shape

This lovely trailer, which confirmed the long-rumoured return of Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6, also confirmed a showcase that is happening on August 22.

Remedy Wasn’t Kidding When They Said Alan Wake II Would Be Horror

*rapturous applause*

We Got A Good Look At Basim’s Journey In Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

Everything that has been promised, a return to stealth and the series’ roots, appears to be evident in this punchy gameplay trailer. The game is also coming out in October, which is already looking stacked.

Fairgame$ Looks Fair-Okay

The first post-acquisition effort from Haven Studios has all the trimmings of a live-service game all dressed up as a Robin Hood-esque “eat the rich” narrative. It’s described as a competitive heist game where you’ll visit exotic locations to capture the cargo.

Helldivers 2 Is A Big Change On The Original

Out of the team at Arrowhead, Helldivers 2 looks to a much more robust, traditionally third-person action game. The game is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC this year.

Immortals Of Aveum Combines Might And Magic

I must say, this is the prettiest and most expensive-looking EA Originals title we’ve seen yet. The game is set to launch July 20.

Ghostrunner 2 Looks To Go Beyond The Tower

One More Level dropped a teaser trailer for their Ghostrunner sequel that seemingly goes beyond the constraints of the tower that housed the entire first game. Amazingly, it’s set to launch this year.

Phantom Blade 0 Is Yet Another Ninja Game

Steeped in myth and fantasy, this game looks like it’s a frenetic, fast-paced action-slasher that’ll do enough to separate itself from the million other games like this we’ve seen emerge in the last couple of years.

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Sword Of The Sea Is Another Gorgeous Odyssey From Journey’s Creators

It’s like Tony Hawk half-pipin’ through the desert, what’s not to love?

The Talos Principle II Is A Happening Thing

It’s got beautiful visuals and a swelling, hopeful score. So look, I’m probably in.

Neva Is A Beautiful Ghibli-Esque Game Out Of Devolver Digital

I got huge Studio Ghibli vibes from this one. A light and dark battle, a somber piano score, and a cute animal companion? Checks all of the boxes for me.

Cat Quest: Pirates Of The Purribean


Foamstars Is Basically Jet Set Splatoon

…much to Kieron’s chagrin, who let out a yelp at the Square Enix logo. I, for one, can’t wait to blow my foam wad.

We Got Another Look At Storybook Adventure The Plucky Squire

The concept of this game continues to blow my mind. It’s beyond creative, it’s Aussie made, and it’s coming this year.

Teardown Is Set To Come To PlayStation 5

Despite being out for PC already, this voxel art, open-world game basically lets you wreck absolutely anything. It’s pretty wild.

Towers Of Aghasba Seems To Take The Adventure Skyward

There are a lot of sky whales.

Final Fantasy XVI Got Yet Another Glorious Trailer

To say Harry and Kieron were making noises in the chat doesn’t quite do justice to what I heard. They were a regular pair of “foamstars”.

Revenant Hill Is A Cute Countryside Indie Starring A Cat

Meow, again!

Granblue Fantasy Relink Is Still Happening

Looks like another winner for the crowd that loves their JRPGs.

We Got A Good Look At Street Fighter VI Ahead Of Its Launch Next Month

They also showed off the pre-bonuses, which are plentiful.

Ultros Is Definitely Your Brain On Drugs

This looks like an acid-trip Metroidvania. The colour palette is absolutely to die for.

Tower Of Fantasy Looks Like An Aldi-Brand Genshin Impact

I am not going to insult fans of this any further by trying to describe what I saw, so moving on.

Dragon’a Dogma II Got A New Epic Trailer

How he had anything left in him I’ll never know, but Harry went off again for this.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted Is Coming To PSVR2

And the PlayStation VR2 onslaught begins, both literally with this game and in terms of the showcase itself.

We Got A Look At Resident Evil 4 VR Mode

Although it was only a small slice of the game, it confirmed at the very least that parrying will be a thing in VR.

Arizona Sunshine II Is Coming To PSVR2 This Year

You can pick up dismembered zombie heads and make them chatter. That’s a good use of the tech right there.

We Got A Big Look At Synapse

It’s coming pretty soon and looks like the first PSVR2 game to grab my attention. It looks like Control in a twisted dreamscape.

Beat Saber Is Now Available For PSVR2 Along With A Queen Song Pack

Don’t stop me now.

Concord Is Also Appropriately Synthy

Although the trailer shows nothing else.

We Got A Gran Turismo Trailer

God, these graphics are great! Oh, it’s a movie.