Here Are Two Exclusive Magic: The Gathering Wilds Of Eldraine Card Previews

A tale only we can tell!

The next big Magic: The Gathering set, the enchanted and ethereal Wilds of Eldraine, is soon to be released on September 8th, bringing fantastical new cards with magical art and gorgeous new treatments to the game.

Wilds of Eldraine takes fans beyond castle walls and into (you guessed it) the vast and mysterious wilderness, in a first look at the Multiverse after the Phyrexians’ attempted invasion. New and familiar faces will appear as the plane deals with the aftermath of the destructive invasion and we explore a magical land of faeries, giants and more.

If you’re all-in on this fantasy buffet, you can head to the official page for Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine, and don’t forget to attend your local pre-release event for the set – you can head here to locate your nearest pre-release at a Wizards Play Networks store.

Without further ado though, let’s take a look at our exclusive preview of two of the brand-new cards in MtG’s Wilds of Eldraine release – starting with the Enchanting Tales card, Dark Tutelage.

With its gorgeous showcase art, Dark Tutelage is a special reprint of the Magic 2011 card, an Enchantment with a 2{B} mana cost that allows players to reveal the top card of their library and put it into their hand – with the trade-off that they’ll lose life equal to the mana value of the card revealed.

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The updated flavour text reads:

“Ours is a path of the outcast, of pain given and pain received. But for the strong, it is a path that leads to power untethered from fae riddles.” – The Witch’s Way.

Our next preview card is Pollen-Shield Hare.

A rare, white Creature – Rabbit card with a 1{W} mana cost, Pollen-Shield Hare is an Adventurer Card, meaning players can alternatively cast it as a Spell with just a {G} mana cost, in which it grants, “Target creature you control gains vigilance and gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.”

Alternatively, cast normally it’s a 2/2 Creature with the ability, “Creature tokens you control get +1/+1.”

These Adventurer cards were introduced with Thrones of Eldraine, so this new set is naturally a great excuse for them to return, and this is a great little card with some fantastic art to boot.

Amazon has Wilds of Eldraine pre-orders available now: