Everything We Know About GTA 6 (So Far)

It's finally real.

Rockstar has broken the internet early today, with the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI dropping a full 15-odd hours ahead of schedule thanks to an unfortunate leaking of the entire thing.

The good news is though, it’s out there, and now we have our first very real suite of info about the game itself, its release window and platforms and whatever exciting tidbits we can glean from said trailer.

Here’s what we know (so far):

Everything We Know About GTA 6

When Is GTA 6 Releasing?

Through the new trailer, Rockstar has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is currently targeting a 2025 release.

What Platforms Is It Coming To?

Rockstar Games has officially said that “is proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto VI is coming to PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems and Xbox Series X|S games and entertainment systems in 2025,” so it looks as though the game won’t be coming to PC at launch, same as most Rockstar titles. There also won’t be a last-gen version which, if the trailer is anything to go by, is obviously allowing the studio to craft the best-looking and most diverse open world we’ve seen to date.

Where Is GTA 6 Set?

Early rumours and leaks had made it all but clear already, but thanks to the trailer, we now know that Grand Theft Auto VI will be a return to the state of Leonida (a fictionalised Florida) and the neon-soaked streets of Vice City (aka Miami), giving fans the chance to revisit the iconic location from 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This time around though, we’re looking at a modern-day version of the setting.

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What Will It Be About?

While Rockstar hasn’t explicitly spelled out the overall plot of Grand Theft Auto VI just yet, once again there’s a lot we can glean from early leaks of the game along with what’s been confirmed via the new trailer. We know it follows dual protagonists, Lucia and her unnamed partner (believed to be called Jason), as they turn to a life of escalating crime in a Bonnie and Clyde-style story set against the backdrop of a city with a seedy underbelly and plenty of drugs, guns, sex, influencers and alligators.

Are There Any Easter Eggs Or References In The GTA 6 Trailer?

Plenty! And we keep spotting more with every re-watch. The trailer teases some returning iconography, gags and fake organisations from previous games like Pisswasser and Logger beer, along with at least one iconic vehicle with the Cheetah making an appearance during one shot (confirmed by its “CH33TAH” license plate).

Weazel News, Rockstar’s pisstake of Fox News, also makes regular appearances in the trailer and will no doubt play a huge role in any satire of the current media environment – it’ll be interesting to see what the studio is cooking there.

Are There Any Screenshots?

Nothing “official” yet, but there are heaps of great shots in the trailer that work as good still frames to the same effect. Here are some of our favourites:

Where Can I Watch The GTA 6 Trailer?

Right here!