The SteelSeries Alias Is A Pro-Level Gaming Mic Without A Pro-Level Learning Curve

Sound your best with SteelSeries' new Alias mics.


SteelSeries’ brand-new line of professional gaming microphone solutions has arrived with the launch of the SteelSeries Alias and Alias Pro – a duo of mics that are bringing top-grade audio to gamers and creators with deceptively simple setup and all powered by the excellent Sonar software to have you sounding your best in the moment.

In case you haven’t already seen and/or heard these excellent mics (and you can listen to The Press Start Podcast to get an idea!), or you want to know just how easy and intuitive they are to set up and use, keep on reading:

Bigger Really Is Better

Whether you opt for the Alias or the Alias Pro, both microphones feature a 1″ capsule, which might not sound like much (despite my best efforts) but is actually up to 3.2x bigger than competing solutions. What this means for you is the increased surface area captures more of your voice, resulting in richer and fuller sound that’ll really command attention in your audio mix and truly represent your unique voice.

SteelSeries has also stuck to the gold-standard for broadcasting and studio recording when it comes to how this chunky capsule picks up everything from your battle cries to your ugly cries with a single, dedicated cardioid pickup pattern that gives it a straight-down-the-barrel line to your vocals with minimal to no recording of sounds next to or behind the mic. This is a capsule that’s big, focused and hungry for your sound.

Plug and Play (And Play, And Play…)

Putting aside the jargon and talk of capsules and polar patterns for a second, the beauty of the combination of top-tier hardware and SteelSeries’ own Sonar audio solution is that you really don’t need to have a PhD in audio engineering to get the Alias up, running and sounding hot.

Whether it’s the straight-to-USB-C Alias with a single connection to your PC, or the XLR-based Alias Pro with its dedicated Stream Mixer, both will work out-of-the-box with whatever software you’re using and whatever game you’re playing. Of course, the Alias microphones will really come alive when you download and install SteelSeries Engine and fire up the Sonar audio suite.

What Do Dolphins, Bats And Pro Gamers Have In Common?

Sonar! Get it? SteelSeries’ bespoke audio solution has long been a great way to get the most out of your Arctis headset or Arena speakers, but now it’s found a new and exciting purpose with the Alias microphones.

There’s already a heap of power within just about anyone’s grasp in the Sonar suite no matter what devices you’re using, but Alias and Sonar are truly made for each other. Quick sound profiles (that you can customise with more granularity if you fancy yourself a dialsmith), along with SteelSeries’ own Clearcast AI Noise Cancellation tech to eliminate any outside sounds from bleeding through to your recording both elevate the already-excellent sound with minimal effort. I personally love the “Less Nasal” preset for my own voice, but you can even throw on profiles tuned specifically on how you have your Alias mounted.

At Your Fingertips No Matter How You Mount It

Which is another great segue! More than just great audio, both SteelSeries Alias mics are also incredibly versatile across any kind of setup you might have. Each comes with its own desk mount stand so you can quickly set it on your surface and go, but either can also be universally mounted onto your favourite boom arm or other mount to give you the flexibility you need.

Best of all, whether you go for the Alias or the Alias Pro you’ll have everything you need within reach. The Alias features handy gain and volume dials as well as a touch-to-mute panel right on the microphone itself, along with customisable LEDs showing both your input levels as you speak as well as a very clear signal that you’re muted. The Alias Pro, on the other hand, comes complete with its own dedicated XLR Stream Mixer to give you all of the controls in one place.

Sounds Great, Where Do I Get One?

The SteelSeries Alias and Alias Pro are both available now at local retailers, with the Alias retailing for $399 AUD and the Alias Pro at $699 AUD. Head to any of the below to secure yours now:


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