Everything Announced At The February 2024 PlayStation State Of Play

Lots of games and lots of promises kept.

Another February, another State of Play from Sony and PlayStation. But this one felt different. Over forty minutes long, Sony have promised an extended look at both Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin, confirming both for this year.

But what else? Sony rolled out everything else they promised – more games for both PS5 and PSVR2 and, of course, some special guests.

The New Trailer For Death Stranding 2 Clarified Less, As Expected, But Still Looks Intriguing

The game looks great from all fronts, and it looks like Higgs is back as one of the main villains, although he’s dressed as Amelie for some reason and wields an electric guitar that shoots electricity. I’m in.

After Years, We’ve Finally Got A Look At Silent Hill: The Short Message And It’s Out Today

The full game is free to play and is available today. It’s a first-person experience that’s entirely different from the other Silent Hill projects previously announced.

We FINALLY Got Another Look At The Silent Hill 2 Remake

A lot more extended looks at the gameplay, combat and exploration were shown. It’s not got quite the polish of the recent Resident Evil remakes but I’m still keen to give it a shot. But unfortunately it’s still got no date.

We Got A Much Longer Look At Rise Of The Ronin

The game is shaping up to have a good mix of shooting and swordfighting as you’d expect a Team Ninja game to have. It’s releasing on March 22nd 2024.

An Until Dawn Remake Is Coming

The game has been rebuilt and enhanced for PlayStation 5 and PC, and is out this year. It’s being developed by a new studio in the UK called Ballistic Moon.

Another Trailer For Helldivers II Was Shown

I’m sure if you liked the original you’ll like this. It’s still on track for February 8th 2024, which is next week wow.

As Promised, A More Extended Look At Stellar Blade Was Shown And It Was Dated Too

The action RPG is from a new Korean studio and features fast and frenetic gameplay, massive bosses to defeat, and a unique world to explore between battles. It certainly looks like one for the Souls fans. It’s out on April 26th 2024.

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A Sonic Generations Remaster Is On The Way With A Bit Of An Edge

It’s called Sonic x Shadow Generations, and as you’d expect, they’ve added Shadow to the proceedings. 2 edgy 4 me. It’s out in Autumn 2024. Which is basically the third quarter of the year. And it has a new campaign where you play as Shadow.

Zenless Zone Zero Is Coming To PlayStation 5

The game is an “urban action role playing game” that takes place in an apocalyptic setting from the developers who brought us Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.

Dave The Diver Is Coming To Consoles With Godzilla Popping Up Too

Lay eggs in my mouth Goddy. It’s out in May 2024.

If You Like Vampires, You’ll Like V Rising

The game is billed as a Vampire Action RPG Survival Game with castle-building elements. Groundbreaking. It’s out in 2024.

Ken Levine’s Next Game, Judas, Is Giving BioShock

The game is looking to play around with planted memories but still looks like the games that put Ken Levine on the map all those years ago. It’s out at some point, but confirmed to be in development for PlayStation 5.

A Brand New Metro Game Was Announced For VR

It’s out this year and is inspired by the Metro 2033 novels.

Legendary Tales Was Announced For PSVR2

It’s an action RPG designed for PlayStation VR2. It’s a dungeon crawling adventure that features multiplayer options.

Yet Another Dragon’s Dogma II Trailer Was Shown

Lots of great magic, huge beasts to hunt and talking Lion priests. What’s not to love? The game is still on track for a March 22nd release.

Kojima Also Announced That He’s Working On An Action Espionage Game After Death Stranding 2

It’s early days, obviously, but there’s more details to come in the future. I hope they call it Wood Equipment Liquid or something.