Mass Effect Andromeda: How To ReSpec Your Skills At Any Time

Mass Effect Andromeda features one of the most flexible skill progression systems the series has ever seen, so it only seems to make sense that you’ll want to play around with your points to change how you carry your Ryder in battle. While you can just cut your losses and invest in new skills, there’s also a way to earn your points back and let you respend them more efficiently.

I’m sure a lot of keen explorers have found this feature in the game, but it never explicitly is explained to players so here’s a short guide to get you through just in case you missed it.

In order to do so, you must have access to your ship, the Tempest, and must be able to enter the med bay. From what I understand, it’s pretty easy to do that on your first visit.

First off you’ll want to find the medbay. This is located in the center of the ship, on the bottom floor.Re-Spect Guide 1Once you get there head inside. You can stop to chat with Lexi T’Perro, the asari doctor on your ship voiced by none other than the wonderful Natalie Dormer. And while she’s got some insightful stuff to say, you’ll want to turn your attention to the back of the room, where the device you’re looking for is hiding.Re-Spect Guide 2Once there, the machine will let you buy back the points you’ve invested in your characters for a small fee. The first fee was minor for me (literally 20 credits) but every subsequent re-spec will increase by 500 credits, so if you’re pinching pennies in Andromeda it’s probably best to make your mind up from the get-go. Me, I enjoy the flexibility.

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Even better, you can buy back those points and reassign them for Ryder as well as all his companions.Mass-Effect-Andromeda---Respec