How To Get The Rime Ancient Treasure Trophy

Warning: This post contains sections that refer to some key story elements and are therefore considered as sensitive spoilers. Tread carefully and turn back now if you wish to experience Rime yourself.

As soon as you set foot on Rime’s stunning island setting, there’s plenty of mystery and intrigue afoot. There’s also plenty of secrets to stumble across in your travels. One such secret is the lonely, desolate Sentinel that appears to have died a sad death, separated from its kind.

The Sentinels are a race of mechanic bipedal orbs you happen across part-way through the game and you then discover you can reanimate them using orbs of light. What you might miss, however, is a hidden little cove in the game’s second area (after you bring the fox to life).

Following the video and using the tower as a reference point, you venture down into the cave by the fruit trees, following the path around to the beach. Rolling for the special effect you eventually find a little area tucked away behind the waterfall, where you can find the aforementioned orb of light. Pick it up by pressing the square button and then be on your way, from where you came.

Instead of retreating back up toward the cave’s entrance, however, veer right and you’ll find yourself on an enclosed beach, eventually happening upon the slumbering Sentinel. Yell by holding triangle to ignite the orb, as you see the Sentinel stir briefly, though it’s unable to wake.

This should unlock the Ancient Treasure silver trophy for trying to wake the lost Sentinel.

Rime releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 26th. It will be coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date. Be sure to keep an eye out for further helpful guides and read our review right here.