How To Play With The Three Exotics In Destiny 2’s Beta

If you’re like me and you were a tad confused after running through the beta’s Homecoming mission and lone strike, The Inverted Spire, only to turn up one of the supposed three exotics available to play with, fret not.

You’re no fool, they’re just class-locked.

So if you’re like me and you’ve stomped through as a squishy, fragile Warlock, it’s time to see what it’s like in someone else’s shoes. Fortunately, if you’re after a quick turn on said exotics, you’ve not long to wait. Simply load up the Homecoming mission and move past Cayde-6 as he vaporises a trio of Cabal and have Shaxx let you into his armoury.

Bless you, you horny bugger.
Bless you, you horny bugger.

It’s here you’ll pick up your first exotic on your Destiny 2 journey. (Though I wouldn’t expect it to be so easy once the full game launches.)

If you’re a Warlock, you’ll happen upon the Riskrunner, a pretty neat submachine gun that isn’t too dissimilar to Destiny’s Zhalo Supercell in that it has a chance to chain lightning, plus it also can return ammo to your clip. If you opt to play like Cayde-6 and become a Hunter, you’ll get the Sunspot, an explosive hand cannon. Or if you want to tank it as a Titan you’ll mow the Cabal down with Sweet Business, an auto rifle that becomes more accurate and shoots farther the longer it is fired.

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Pretty cool, no?

You won’t be starved for the opportunity to use them either, as the Cabal come thick and fast during the game’s bombastic opening mission.

There’s a nice spot not far past acquiring said exotics where you’ll post up with Zavala near the Postmaster’s old stomping grounds before the fall where you’ll make short work of three fired-up waves of Cabal.

The exotic life is a sweet one.