How To Get The Magnum In Resident Evil 3

The Magnum has a bit of a reputation in Resident Evil games as being one of the most powerful weapons you can obtain in almost every game, second only to the Rocket Launcher. They often deal devastating damage to enemies and often have little ammo in each of the games they appear in.

The magnum in Resident Evil 3 is highly missable, especially if you’re on an adrenaline kick from either the section that came before it or just keen to keep the story going immediately. Most speedrunners and early players of the game missed it completely on their first run, so I’m here to let you know exactly how to grab it.


Following a key point in the story, you’ll see yourself playing as Jill in the Spencer Memorial Hospital. With your trust lockpick, you’ll probably want to unlock and explore the areas you couldn’t previously. To put it quite simply, when you come to the door as pictured below, don’t go through it. Instead, proceed deeper into the hospital instead, to the second floor corridors.

Instead, head to the mid-central branch of the corridors to find some furniture piled up just outside the entrance to the Nurses’ Station. Ignore the Hunter. We got jumped unexpectedly ;_;. This is an area you couldn’t access previously but can now access with Jill. Walk towards the gap and Jill will crawl through it. I’ve included the location on your map just in case it’s not obvious.

Search around this very small area to find a bloodied window with yellow tape and broken glass. Approach this area and Jill will jump through it and land in the Courtyard below.

Once you’re there, you should be able to find a box with the Magnum inside. You can then grab the weapon and enjoy it for the final act of the game. As a reminder, do not jump over any of the hedges here before grabbing the weapon as you will have to run back upstairs and repeat the process again. Not the end of the world, I guess, but worth saving you some frustration.

The Magnum is best used against bosses, obviously, but also will help with some of the more regenerative enemies in the coming areas. It takes MAG Rounds, which you can craft by combining a High Grade Gunpowder with another High Grade Gunpowder.


Our friend over at SomeWhatAwesome Games has also put together a video guide.