51 Worldwide Games

All Of The Minigames Included In 51 Worldwide Games

51 Worldwide Games (or 51 Clubhouse Games) is releasing later this week on Nintendo Switch. The variety of games is quite different to that of the Nintendo DS version. The only interesting fact is that there’s actually 52 games.

All of the games are unlocked from the start, but if you’re wanting to play two players (or more), you’ll need multiple Nintendo Switch consoles in the same house (or be playing online). There’s also an app on the eShop that allows you to play for free with someone who owns the game but you need to be playing locally.


  1. Mancala
  2. Dots and Boxes
  3. Yachy Dice
  4. Four-In-A-Row
  5. Hit and Blow
  6. Nine Men’s Morris
  7. Hex
  8. Checkers
  9. Hare and Hounds
  10. Gomoku
  11. Dominoes
  12. Chinese Checkers
  13. Ludo
  14. Backgammon
  15. Renegade
  16. Ches
  17. Shogi
  18. Mini Shogi
  19. Hanafuda
  20. Riiichi Mahjong
  21. Last Card
  22. Blackjack
  23. Texas Hold’em
  24. President
  25. Sevens
  26. Spread
  27. Matching
  28. War
  29. Takayaki
  30. Pig’s Tail
  31. Golf
  32. Billiards
  33. Bowling
  34. Darts
  35. Carrom
  36. Toy Tennis
  37. Toy Soccers
  38. Toy Curling
  39. Toy Boxing
  40. Toy Baseball
  41. Air Hockey
  42. Slot Cars
  43. Fishing
  44. Battle Tanks
  45. Team Tanks
  46. Shooting Gallery
  47. 6-Ball Puzzle
  48. Sliding Puzzle
  49. Mahjong Solitare
  50. Klondike Solitare
  51. Spider Solitare
  52. Piano

We gave 51 Worldwide Games a 7.5/10 in our review and said: 51 Worldwide Games is a solid mini game collection that will definitely be a fun time among family and friends. There’s some inconsistency (as well as some glaring omissions) in the mini games collection as well as some of the confusing control schemes.